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Customer centricity, data and AI: a future-proofing trinity for retailers

Without a doubt, retail is the beating heart of the UK economy. It's directly responsible for 5% of GDP and keeps 10% of the population in work. 

The global climate over the last few years has demanded a lot from retailers thanks to ever-changing consumer demands. How are retailers supposed to stay agile in this turbulent landscape? Enter, cloud technology.

Ancoris has shared its thoughts with Raconteur for their new 'Cloud for Business' report, making the case for why cloud is a crucial tool for retailers looking to stay agile far into the future and meet consumer needs. Read the full report now.


Read Raconteur's Cloud for Business report to explore:

How data and AI will power customer centricity for retailers

How to convince laggards to make the move to cloud

How to spend money effectively on cloud

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