Security at scale with cloud computing

According to a survey of more than 500 global IT leaders conducted by MIT Sloan Management Review on behalf of Google Cloud, cloud adoption continues to accelerate, with security being one of the primary drivers of adoption.

Improve your speed to innovation with faster deployment, scale, and greater security, all while freeing up engineering resources from infrastructure management.

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Learn how IT departments can run both Google Workspace and Microsoft seamlessly, including:

  • Scheduling and rescheduling appointments seamlessly across Google Calendar and Outlook

  • Working together on documents, whether they're in Google or Microsoft format

  • Easily setting up and deploying features through the Google Admin Console

Moving to Google Workspace doesn’t mean not being able to work with people who are still using Microsoft Office and Exchange


In fact, it’s even easier.


Your users will be able to carry on working without interruption, collaborate across teams, and remain productive, even as you transform your business.


Google has made sure it is easy for IT admins to deploy and manage these features, with quick and easy set up through the Google Admin Console and tools to help you implement them correctly in Google Workspace and Exchange Server.

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Is this really free?


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