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Suffolk Libraries use Chrome devices for affordable public-access computing

Suffolk Libraries is an independent charitable company contracted by Suffolk County Council to run all library services across the county.

About the project

Suffolk Libraries had the problem of having outdated computers at a time when public demand for IT was increasing. They needed to replace these with the same number of high-quality computers for a lower cost. Ancoris teamed up with Suffolk Libraries to supply a range of Chrome devices and develop an application that integrates with the library management system.



  • Over 300 public-access Windows PCs across 44 sites for library users who don’t have a computer at home.
  • Outdated computers no longer met the requirements of the public and were in urgent need of replacement.
  • Only one model of computer to cater for varying tasks and demographics.
  • Massive increase in demand, largely as a result of the government’s digital strategy.
  • Like-for-like replacement of Windows machines would have meant substantial cuts to the number of computers. To support and grow the libraries’ web services. a very different approach was needed.


  • A variety of devices from all-in-one Chromebases to large touchscreen Chrome devices means customers of all ages can pick their preferred device.
  • Chrome devices have been so cost-effective that it has been possible to increase their numbers.
  • Ancoris Chromebook Access Management System (CAMS) integrates Chromebooks with the existing library management system.  The IT team can control easily who can log on and how long they can stay online.
  • With automatic system updates, the Chromebooks stay fast and up-to-date.
  • Guaranteed high level of security.  Once someone has left, everything they did on that device is deleted.


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