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Empowering analysts to own the entire analytics engineering workflow
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Built for data analysts

We believe that data analysts are the most valuable employees of modern, data-driven businesses. We build tools that empower analysts to own the entire analytics engineering workflow
— dbt’s mission statement

dbt (data build tool) is an open-source library for creating and managing SQL based data transformations within your data warehouse.

Why we love dbt

Our clients love dbt because it’s SQL based (most companies have good skill sets in this area), supports advanced macros (for example we have developed macros to facilitate running ML models using BigQuery ML) and follows software engineering best practices such as full integration with GitHub and auto-documenting including data lineage. 

Ancoris displayed their broad understanding of the whole data analytics technology landscape and had some great suggestions for additional tools we should consider. In particular, they recommended the dbt tool to solve some of the issues we encountered. We really like that technology and want to adopt that more in the business.

Patrick Locke, Product Owner for Data and Analytics, Causeway Technologies