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The social intranet built for Google Workspace

Happeo connects people, information and systems into one unified hub for collaboration and communication across mobile and desktop.

An intranet that your employees will actually love to use

Happeo is a turnkey social intranet that increases collaboration and makes your colleagues more productive – all while reducing total cost of ownership and IT workload while boosting the adoption rate of Google Workspace.

  • Channels -Collaborate and communicate in an organized, user-friendly way.
  • People - A beautiful automated org chart based on your employee’s profile cards, including contact details, skills and more.
  • Pages - Your knowledge archive in the most easy-to-use Page builder yet.
  • Analytics - Empower your company with a data-driven social intranet strategy.

Happeo benefits

Increase Google Workspace adoption

Happeo is seamlessly integrated with Google Workspace, bringing communication and collaboration together in one.

Because you can work in Google Workspace applications while communicating, companies see an average increase of 13% in their Google Workspace adoption within the first six months.

Increase Intranet adoption by at least 43%

Happeo is much more than just a social intranet. Channels is for communication. Pages is your knowledge archive. People is your org chart. All three are brought together in one environment, deeply integrated with Google Workspace, turning the place where communication happens into the place where work happens. That, and Happeo’s obsession with user-friendly design is why its adoption rates shatter industry norms.

Democratise information

Happeo creates one single point of access to all corporate resources and assets with personal dashboards, perfectly integrated with all your daily Google Workspace tools and easy to find via its elastic Search. Take it a step further with Search Analytics, and you’ll never have to guess which content your employees really want.

Less IT workload, more security

Happeo centralises user and access management via Google Identity, SSO, OUs and Google-Id.

The platform is hosted on the most secure instance of Google Cloud, and Happeo’s ISO 27001 certificate guarantees best-in-class security and security protocols.

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