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Creating data science

An intuitive platform for understanding data and designing data science workflows

End to end data science

KNIME Analytics Platform is the open source software for creating data science. At the heart of KNIME is visual workflows, which are created with an intuitive, drag and drop style graphical interface.

KNIME breaks down barriers, allowing users to implement complex machine learning models without any programming necessary; this empowers the user to focus on the theory rather than programmatic application of the theory. KNIME makes AI accessible.

KNIME allows you to blend data from any source, including integration with various cloud data warehouses such as Google’s BigQuery. Moreover, the platform integrates with a number of popular machine learning toolkits such as TensorFlow. This level of flexibility allows you to pull your data from any source and implement practically any model from Naive Bayes all the way to carefully designed deep neural networks, all within the same platform.

Why we love KNIME

“The KNIME Analytics Platform is a tool for ETL and data analytics with powerful machine learning and data mining capabilities. KNIME is built on a modular data pipelining concept and enables the user to build workflows via visual programming; the visual element makes KNIME brilliant for building both complex workflows as well as rapid prototyping. KNIME can work alongside your cloud data warehouse and workflows can easily be put into production through the KNIME Server offering.”

Thomas Langton, Cloud Data Analyst