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End user e-learning and e-support portal for G Suite

Ancoris designed Cloud Skills Academy as an end user e-learning and e-support portal for G Suite.  It complements our face-to-face and virtual training courses, and allows end users a self-service approach to learning more about G Suite during migration.

Cloud Skills Academy provides help pages, interactive demonstrations, tips, shortcuts and frequently asked questions on Gmail, Calendar, Drive, Docs, Sheets, Slides, Hangouts and Sites, including the new Google Sites interface. It promotes self-help during a user’s first days in G Suite and reduces employees’ reliance on help desk support.

How does it work?

Cloud Skills Academy is designed to address three core user education requirements

My first days in G Suite

On-line lessons and support for the key features of Gmail, Calendar, Drive, Docs, Hangouts and Sites which a user requires to function successfully in a G Suite environment.

What's new in G Suite

Each month, we provide information and How To videos on all significant new features across all G Suite apps. Our Chrome Extension notifies users of new features from within the application itself, ensuring users never miss out on new functionality.

FAQs about G Suite

You can view our Frequently Asked Questions section updated regularly with questions asked by real end-users on our face-to-face and virtual training sessions.

Can we help you with your G Suite deployment

The Cloud Skills Academy is available to our customers as part of our support offering.