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Chrome Enterprise Upgrade FAQ

As a Google Cloud Premier Partner we have experience of large-scale deployments of Chrome devices and can provide you with advice and advanced support. Here are some of the most frequently asked question when it comes to Chrome Enterprise Upgrade.

What is Chrome Enterprise Upgrade?

Chrome Enterprise Upgrade was previously referred as Chrome Enterprise Licence.

How many Chrome Enterprise Upgrades do I need to purchase?

You need to buy one licence per device.  The Chrome Enterprise Upgrade allows you to enroll your devices within your G Suite domain and set device policies.

How can I reassign a Chrome Enterprise Upgrade?

As per the Google Help Center, perpetual Chrome Enterprise Upgrades are not transferable between devices. If you encounter a hardware issue and need to replace a Chrome device, the Upgrade can be transferred to a replacement of the same model. Using the deprovisioning feature within the Admin console on a damaged device will free up its Upgrade, allowing you to enroll the same model replacement.

Each perpetual Chrome Enterprise Upgrade lasts for the lifetime of the device it is enrolled on.  Each device model is supported until it reaches End of Life. For more information about End of Life and the associated dates for each model, please visit the Chrome Auto Update Policy page.

For annual Upgrade, you can unenroll a device and transfer the subscription to another device (of any model) in the same domain.

Why do I need to specify a G Suite domain on my order?

Chrome Enterprise Upgrade policies are defined within a G Suite / Cloud Identity domain.  When a user from your domain logs into a Chrome Device (or Chrome for Windows/Linux/Mac), they are subject to these policies.  Without a G Suite / Cloud Identity domain you are unable to push policies to Chrome Devices. For more information about the policies available to G Suite administrators please see

Your G Suite domain must be in a verified state before you place your order with Ancoris. Please make sure you are able to login to your G Suite domain ( and that there is no warning about verifying the domain before you place your order.

Who should I list as the technical contact when placing an order?

If you don’t have an existing G Suite domain, a Google Enterprise Support login will be created for the technical contact so it should be someone who should have Super Administrator privileges to your G Suite domain.

Who are my G Suite Super Administrators?

If you purchased your G Suite licences through Ancoris please call 0845 2626 750.

If you didn’t purchase your G Suite licences through Ancoris, please call your own G Suite Partner.

If you purchased your G Suite licences directly from Google please contact Google Support.

When will my order be shipped?

Orders will be dispatched within 3 working days. A signature will be required for delivery.

What is your return policy for Chrome Enterprise Upgrades?

Chrome Enterprise Upgrades cannot be returned in any circumstances whatsoever.

What is your return policy for Chrome devices?

Ancoris reserves the right to levy an administration charge in respect of the rotation of products and returns. Returns must be made subject to the following:

  • prior authorisation having been obtained via email or such other method as the Company may advise. Such prior authorisation shall be given at the sole discretion of Ancoris;
  • the request for the return must be made within 7 days of the date of invoice
  • product in issue must be returned within 7 days of the authority to return;
  • the Products must be in the original packaging;
  • the Products must be unused and in the same condition that you received them;
  • you will be responsible for your own shipping costs for returning the Products;
  • Ancoris reserves the right to reject any Products which do not comply with the conditions set out here.

What are the device hardware warranties?

Dead on Arrival –  14 days swap out policy – please contact Ancoris on 0845 2626 747 for instructions.

After the DOA policy (above) for your device has expired, the 1 year warranty is direct with the manufacturer:

Where can I get information about using chromebooks?

Please visit Chromebook Help.

Where can I get information about deploying chromebooks?

Ancoris can provide Chromebook deployment and integration services call our corporate sales team on 0345 2626 747.  For self help, please visit Chrome device Quick Start

Where can I get information about deploying Google Meet Hardware?

Please visit Google Meet Hardware Help

Why do I need to buy all my Google Meet Hardware from the same reseller?

If you have already purchased a Google Meet Hardware or annual Chrome Enterprise Upgrade from a Google reseller, Google does not allow the annual Chrome Enterprise Upgrade to be purchased from any other reseller.

Annual Upgrades can only be transferred to a new reseller at renewal time. If you wish to discuss your options, please contact us.

How are my Google Meet Hardware licences pro-rated when buying additional devices?

All licences within a single Google domain are co-termed with a common renewal date.

For additional Google Meet Hardware devices which are purchased during an existing annual term, a pro-rated licence quote will be issued to reflect only the number of months remaining in your annual term.

What are the terms of the licence agreement?

Helpful documentation on Chromebook Management: