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Machine Learning for all

BigQuery ML empowers data analysts to use machine learning through existing SQL tools and skills

Changing how analysts are approaching ML

BigQuery ML lets you create and execute machine learning models in BigQuery using standard SQL queries. BigQuery ML democratizes machine learning by letting SQL practitioners build models using existing SQL tools and skills.

Why we love BigQuery ML

“A common challenge with ML is that moving large training data sets to the right place is complex, time-consuming and can be difficult to productionise. BigQuery ML revolutionises this practise by instead bringing the ML to the data. Analysts no longer have their innovation impeded by the need to export small amounts of data to spreadsheets, or wait for limited resources from a data science team.”

Bailey Sharp-Ledger, Cloud Data Analyst

“Our next step is to work with Ancoris on a project involving client data, which will also give us a chance to evaluate Google’s machine learning tools. All of this will help us use the data already in our systems to provide clients with the insights they need to more effectively run their business operations and the projects they’re managing.”

Patrick Locke, product owner for data and analytics, Causeway