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Google Data Studio, the easy-to-use tool for bringing data to life

Turn your data into informative, fully customisable dashboards
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Dashboards for all

Data Studio is a free tool that turns your data into informative, easy to read, easy to share, and fully customisable dashboards. Data studio’s drag and drop report editor allows you to easily report on data from a wide variety of sources, with no programming.

It's easy to share your insights with individuals, teams, or the world. Invite others to view or edit your reports, or send them links in scheduled emails. To tell your data stories as broadly as possible, you can embed your reports in other pages, such as Google Sites, blog posts, and more.

Why we love Google Data Studio

“Data Studio is an easy to learn tool with an interface familiar to all who commonly work with dashboards. What I love the most is how quickly I can go from an exploratory query in BigQuery to uncovering insights - just one button gets the data imported and ready for analysis! It really couldn’t be easier”

Bailey Sharp-Ledger, Cloud Data Analyst