Our Software-as-a-Service applications

We develop and deliver Software-as-a-Service applications
built on Google Cloud Platform


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What we do

We develop our applications in collaboration with customers as a response to their specific market requirements.  We then continue to work together to fine tune the application and ensure it meets their long term needs.

We choose to build multi-tenanted applications and deliver them with a SaaS model.  This means our customers get the best of both worlds: applications which are affordable and respond to their precise needs of their sector.

For those customers that have a unique requirement, we also do custom cloud application development projects.

How we do it

The development of our SaaS applications offer a good indication of our capabilities with Google Cloud.  Our expertise ranges from G Suite API’s, Google Maps APIs, Google App Script, Google App Engine, Google Compute Engine and Google Cloud Storage to Google BigQuery.


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Ancoris Software-as-a-Service

You want a turnkey bespoke cloud application service with full SLA and do not have significant in-house cloud platform development or operations experience.

Ancoris builds and delivers both the client and service applications.  We then deliver as a fully managed service including hosting, application maintenance and support for the customer with an application Service Level Agreement.

Ancoris CAMS for Libraries

Ancoris enables public-access computing for Suffolk Libraries

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