10 reasons CMOs should use Ancoris CMOLab for marketing analytics

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Published: Dec 10, 2021
10 reasons CMOs should use Ancoris CMOLab for marketing analytics

Many of the most pressing challenges you face as a CMO could be solved through better access to data and more powerful tools to analyse it. But deploying these tools can seem a daunting prospect. That's why we developed Ancoris CMOLab. It brings together everything you need to quickly begin solving immediate challenges, while providing a solid foundation for countless future applications.Analyse key retail events with modern retail analytics and AI

Here are 10 reasons you should use Ancoris CMOLab for your marketing analytics:

1. Quickly and easily connect to your data

CMOLab offers a range of pre-built connectors for common sources of data like Google Ads, Google Analytics and social media channels. For everything else, CMOLab provides easy-to-use tools that allow you to reach into any data source — from spreadsheets to your CRM, ERP and content management systems — to extract data and then clean and transform it ready for use. CMOLab automatically documents these dataflows visually, so you can see exactly where your data has come from, what the dependencies are and how it's been transformed.

2. Build powerful reports and dashboards

CMOLab includes tools that allow you and your team to visualise and explore your data to drive decision making. You can start with standard metrics such as the ROI for each of your marketing channels, keyword performance or customer segmentation, but the tools within CMOLab let you create a wide range of custom visualisations. Your team can create new reports without having to involve data specialists or your IT department, and can easily share these insights with colleagues.

3. Create a single customer view

CMOLab can intelligently merge customer data drawn from multiple platforms to create a complete picture of everything you know about each customer. By accurately linking identities in different applications, you can track customer behaviour across all touch points. strengthening your ability to understand what drives engagement, conversion and sales.

4. Take advantage of advanced analytics

Advanced analytics based on machine learning — a kind of artificial intelligence — allows you to get even more value out of your data. You can use it for prediction, personalisation and to extract insights from complex data, such as performing sentiment analysis on social media posts. But good results depend on having high quality data and lots of fast and powerful computing resources. CMOLab, running on Google technology, provides the solid foundation you need if you want to take your marketing to the next level.

5. Keep your data safe

CMOLab is built on top of the same Google cloud computing services that blue chip companies like HSBC, Colgate-Palmolive and E.on trust to keep their data safe. This includes being able to tightly control the data each person can access and work with, down to the level of individual records or columns.

6. Deploy in days not months

Traditional business intelligence projects can take months to deliver — and sometimes even longer to start providing valuable insights. We can get you started with CMOLab in a few minutes, help you connect with your data in hours, and enable you to start generating timely, actionable insights in days.

7. Enjoy fast performance at any scale

CMOLabs takes advantage of Google's fast, scalable cloud technology to automatically provide  the resources needed to run your analysis and give you the answers you're looking for in seconds — no matter how much data you're working with or how complex your analysis. You'll never need to worry about outgrowing the capabilities of your data analytics solution or that one user running a complex report will slow down the system for everyone else.

8. Keep your costs under control

Modern data analytics solutions like CMOLab can typically halve your TCO over three years compared with building and operating a traditional on-premise legacy business intelligence solution. There's no need for hefty up-front capital investment in infrastructure and deployment before you start to see any value from your new solution. And on demand pricing means you only pay for what you use — with our technical experts working hard to make sure CMOLab runs your queries in the most efficient way possible. 

9. Focus on using data, not managing technology

CMOLab runs on Google's "no ops" cloud infrastructure. That means you (or your IT department) don't need to spend time managing servers and storage or worrying about whether users have the right software on their PCs. CMOLab just runs, wherever and whenever you need it, on any device with a web browser — leaving you free to focus your time on getting the most out of your data. And our fully managed service option is perfect for CMOs who don't have any in-house technical resource.

10. Future-proof your data analytics

Our CMOLab solutions are based around flexible, scalable and cost-effective Google technologies that can handle pretty much any data analytics challenge your business can throw at them. In other words, you can take CMOLab as far as your imagination can reach. 

To kick start your journey towards making better use of your data and taking your marketing analytics to the next level, we've created two versions of CMOLab:

With Ancoris CMOLab Marketing Spend Optimisation, you can make the most of your marketing spend by tracking marketing KPIs and ROI in real time.

With Ancoris CMOLab Recommendation Engine, you can give customers more of what they love by suggesting products based on their preferences.

Get in touch with our Data, Analytics and AI team to find out more.

Working with our data analytics and AI team

Our Data, Analytics and AI practice brings together a highly committed team of experienced data scientists, mathematicians and engineers.

We pride ourselves in collaborating with and empowering client teams to deliver leading-edge data analytics and machine learning solutions on the Google Cloud Platform.

We have support from an in-house, award winning application development practice to deliver embedded analytics incorporating beautifully designed UIs. 

If you'd like to find out more about how we can help you build your own modern data and analytics platform, why not take a look at some of our customer stories or browse our resources. Needless to say, please get in touch with our team if you'd like more practical support and guidance.

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