Airmax uses mileage calculator functionality within Google Maps

By: Anne-Laure McLeman
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Published: Mar 08, 2018
Airmax uses mileage calculator functionality within Google Maps

Editor's note: Today’s guest blog comes from Richard Perham, Managing Director at Airmax Remote, one of the UK’s leading providers of telematics solutions to fleet management companies.

Airmax enhances Remote Mileage Manager with Google Maps Platform to spell the end for inaccurate recording of mileage by ‘grey fleet’ drivers; those using private vehicles for business purposes.

Airmax Remote is one of the UK’s leading providers of telematics solutions to fleet management companies.  Results of its research have revealed a significant fall in inaccurate mileage claims by using Airmax Remote’s new Grey Fleet Remote Mileage Manager with integrated Google Maps.

Airmax analysed mileage data over a fourteen-month period recorded by 146 ‘grey fleet’ drivers (employees that drive their own cars for business). Analysis revealed that almost 78% of the journeys recorded showed a level of intentional or unintentional overclaim of mileage that accounted for nearly £15,000 in overall excessive claims (using an average PPM rate of £0.11 per mile - £7.21 can be saved per driver per month).

According to a recent report by the Energy Savings Trust, some 12 billion business miles are said to be driven each year on Britain’s roads by employee-owned or ‘grey fleet’ cars, which are estimated to be around 14 million in number and cost employers more than £5.5bn a year in mileage claims and car allowances.

Historically, grey fleet drivers can be hard to manage in respect of mileage claims, as drivers tend to round-up their mileage readings which creates an overall inaccurate and thereby expensive issue for businesses operating grey fleets. Airmax Remote’s Grey Fleet Remote Mileage Manager helps fleets and drivers accurately record all journeys from start to finish. Airmax’s virtualised expense process then produces payroll reporting for both grey fleet and company drivers.

Breakdown of the analysis

Drivers: 146
Claim Months: 14
Total Trips: 23,418
Average Trips per Driver per Month: 11.5

Overclaim analysis

Trips Audited: 1931
Miles Claimed: 109,634
Google Audited Distance: 98.641
Average Over-Claim per Trip: 5.7 miles
Average Over-Claim (%) 10%

By utilising the new Grey Fleet Google Integrated RMM, using an average PPM rate of £0.11 per mile - £7.21 can be saved per driver per month.

Commenting on the financial savings by accurately managing and reporting grey fleet mileage Richard Perham, Managing Director, Airmax Remote said:

By having integration with Google Maps, our Grey Fleet Remote Mileage Manager solution delivers a complete set of accurate mileage data. This is a large step forward to help plug the gaps between actual and recorded mileage data, which means we can help businesses with grey fleet and company cars to realise significant savings

About Airmax Remote

Airmax Remote is a market leader in providing innovative telematics and vehicle tracking solutions to a wide range of industries. Their intelligent systems are used for Fleet and Asset Management, Driver Training and Vehicle Maintenance by Fleet and Finance Managers in SME Fleets, leasing companies, banks and more recently Emergency Services across the UK and Europe. Airmax Remote telematics products enable it's customers to reduce fuel and operating costs, monitor CO2 emissions and control their businesses smarter and more efficiently.

The Vehicle Telematics and Tracking Solution is simple to use and low in cost, helping it's customers to save money and increase productivity. Airmax Remote's core expertise is in the supply and development of in-vehicle telematics and remote vehicle diagnostics; a one-box solution that combines onboard diagnostics with GPS. Already installed in over 250,000 vehicles, it is compatible with 98% of road vehicles via a patented CANbus interface designed to not invalidate the manufacturer’s warranty.

If you're thinking about using Google Maps in your own organisation or would like to find out more about Google Maps, please click here to speak to one of our experts.


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