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Ancoris was one of the first companies globally to achieve the Google Cloud Location-based Services specialisation. As a Google Maps Premier Partner, we can offer high-volume pricing discounts which are not available online.

We can assess the suitability of the Google Maps Platform for your business, offer consultancy to help you build your own app, or develop the app for you. 

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Bring the power of maps to your applications

Google Maps Platform is made up of three core products—Maps, Routes and Places, to make it easier for you to find, explore and add new features to your apps and sites. Google Maps APIs are available for Android, iOS and web browsers, and as HTTP web services that let you pass information between systems.

What you need to know about the Google Maps Platform
5 ways Google Maps APIs help you do more with Google Maps
Google Maps Frequently Asked Questions



Engage your users with rich, accurate maps. Give them context with static or interactive maps embedded into your site or app. Create more engaging experiences with Street View and high resolution satellite imagery.

Customise the Google base map to suit your application. Visualise your own data, along with data from Google databases and third-party data, using heat maps, symbols and custom styles. That can include real-time asset tracking (vehicles, parcels or people) as well as insights into historical data such as insurance claims and property sales. 

Features included: Maps, Street View



Provide directions and accurate journey times as well as predict future travel times, based on live traffic data, with routes for driving, walking or cycling.

Create efficient routes to lower costs and improve customer experiences. You can add up to 25 waypoints to create optimised routes for mobile workers. The mileage calculator functionality will also help to decrease inaccurate mileage claims.

Improve workforce management, even during rush hour. Choose faster routes or reallocate deliveries to workers based on real-time traffic conditions. Use predictive traffic models to keep your workers out of slowdowns and avoid late deliveries.

Features included: Directions, Distance Matrix, Roads



Help your users discover the world around them. with information to plan trips or select restaurants. With Places, you can provide users data on names, addresses, ratings, reviews, contact information, and atmosphere of the locations they are researching.

Provide better services with precise location intelligence, avoiding missed deliveries or appointments. Make it easier for users to enter their correct invoicing and shipping details by automatically suggesting addresses as they type.

Features included: Place Details, Current Place, Find Place, Geocoding, Geolocation, Time Zone

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Looking to take your business to the next level with the Google Maps Platform?

Our specialists will assist you to

Select the right product

We will review your business use case and estimate your usage levels. If you don’t have in house development skills, we can develop bespoke mobile or web applications for your business.

Evaluate Google Maps pricing

We will also check if high-volume discounts could apply. Those rates, only available through a partner, are lower than the rates quoted online.

Provide Customer Success Services

We will provide phone support in the initial deployment and ongoing maintenance of your Google Maps implementation to keep it optimised and healthy.

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