Track assets and workforce with Google Maps

Google Maps for asset tracking and workforce management

Google Maps Platform can help you optimise the deployment of your field assets and mobile workforce. Optimise routes, provide estimated times of arrival and journey times and coordinate staff and jobs using geolocation and Google’s powerful location services.

Google Maps for mobile workforce management

Google Maps for mobile workforce management

Mobile workforce management can eliminate time consuming and inefficient paperwork.  On top of this, you can get the right worker to the closest job – saving time and money. Moreover, knowing the exact location of your mobile workforce means you can respond to changes in circumstances quickly and efficiently.

  • Adopt paperless working and remove inefficiencies
  • Assign jobs and optimise route in real time, saving on business mileage
  • View real time and past worker location
  • Improve worker efficiency and increase the number of jobs per day.
  • Coordinate jobs in real time and plan routes more quickly based on fuel consumption, distance, traffic and more.
  • Analyse historical patterns and trends in data using Big Data analytics
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Google Maps for asset tracking

Use Google Maps APIs to track, view and analyse your assets on a map. This will help you stay up to date with your current operating picture and keep your customers informed. Not only can you track your assets in real time, you can also save past tracks for analysis and future decision making.

The Google Maps APIs create easy to use applications that can:

  • Be accessed from the web or mobile devices
  • Offer real-time operational visibility, saving time and fuel
  • Optimise routes at busy times of the day
  • Identify hot spots and issues in certain locations
  • Keep customers informed and increase satisfaction

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Last mile delivery tracking and optimisation

Use Google Maps to reduce missed deliveries, engage customers, grow loyalty and increase repeat customers. Create engaging mobile and web apps to inform users of real time delivery status and estimated time of arrival

Use Google Maps and its familiar user interface to:

  • Track and view assets on a Google Map
  • Provide live updates and information
  • Customise maps with your own business data and styles
  • Provide real time traffic updates and directions