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Data analytics and AI

We understand data is challenging. We help our clients regain control of their data,
promoting innovation, simplification and high-value, actionable insights

How we can help

Centralise - Regain control of your data. We first consolidate your data sources into BigQuery, Google’s scalable and secure data warehouse platform. We then apply the necessary transformations and governance to clean, conform and enrich your data, ready for consumption.

Learn and predictUnleash the AI & machine learning capabilities of the Google Cloud Platform. By using AutoML, BigQueryML and Tensorflow we can discover key actionable insights; from predictive analytics to drive decision making, to learning trends, patterns and themes hidden in your data.

Visualise - Tell a cohesive story about your data. Just having it is not enough. Locked away in the dark, its’ potential can’t be realised. We bring it to light through cutting-edge visualisations including engaging and responsive dashboards, business focused self-serve and embedded analytics.



Data silos make it time-consuming, costly and difficult to gain actionable insights. Centralising your data is the first step to unlocking its potential.

  • Ingest. We can ingest your data, both batch and streaming, into the Google Cloud Platform, at any scale. We work with disparate data sources including iSaaS, on-prem data stores, spreadsheets, iOT devices and external APIs.
  • Store. Google BigQuery is a petabyte-scale, highly available and secure data warehouse platform. A serverless architecture separates storage and compute, scaling on-demand with your data needs and reducing cost.
  • Transform. We adopt our own Kimball inspired methodology to transform your raw data for consumption; logical layers enforce strong reproducibility, maintainability, data governance and data engineering best practices.

Technologies we love: Fivetran, dbt, Cloud Composer, Google BigQuery


Learn and Predict

Start now. There has been no better time to unlock the potential of your data and empower decision-making across your organisation.

  • Identify. Our experienced team of data scientists, mathematicians and engineers will carefully evaluate your data and identify actionable machine learning and AI driven insights.
  • Learn. After selecting the appropriate machine learning models to employ, our team will begin an iterative phase of feature engineering, training and tuning, ensuring every model achieves optimal performance.
  • Predict. Using our proven data architecture we deploy your models, and use the unparalleled compute power of the Google Cloud Platform to generate predictions; delivering actionable insights to drive key decision-making.
Technologies we love: Google Cloud AutoML, BigQueryML and Tensorflow


Surface insights. Trigger action. Deliver value. We can maximise the potential of your data through cutting-edge visualisations, self-serve intelligence and embedded analytics within your existing apps and services.

  • Time-to-insight. Our analytics leverage the unparalleled performance of BigQuery; from Cloud DataStudio to Looker, our dashboards focus on responsiveness, impact and reporting changes as they happen.
  • Engaging. We find the key to engaging business leaders is focus. We typically prioritise a few high-value insights for leaders to prompt action and drive value. Dashboards are customised to target specific business areas, functions and seniority-levels.
  • Embedded. Have your analytics embedded everywhere. With advanced platforms like Looker, common analytics layers can be shared across dashboards, self-serve analytics and embedded in web and mobile apps.
Technologies we love: Data Studio, Looker and Data Lab

Cash (flow) really is King

Accurately predicting cash flow is more difficult now than ever, due to a number of exceptional business factors linked to the current pandemic. 

Ancoris CFOLab is a solution designed for business leaders to generate actionable insights to analyse, forecast and improve your company's cash flow.

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