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The Challenge

Marketing leaders of today are truly data driven and demonstrate continuous innovation as a result. Not only do they respond faster to market changes, but they also preempt them, by having the right data at the right time.

Ancoris CMOLab solutions give marketing leaders the insights they need. Our Marketing Spend Optimisation engine helps you make marketing spend decisions by tracking marketing KPIs and ROI in real time.  Our Recommendation Engine gives your customers more of what they love by suggesting products based on their behaviour and preferences.

Ancoris CMOLab Marketing Spend Optimisation

Knowing where to invest marketing spend is challenging. Driving the company message, generating leads, balancing bought, owned and earned media while proving ROI can give even the sharpest minds a headache. 

With Ancoris CMOLab Marketing Spend Optimisation, we have created a single pane of glass to provide you with that insight.

By using the latest Google Cloud data analytics, BigQuery, Fivetran, dbt and Machine Learning technology we can help you to:

  1. Create a Single Customer View
  2. Centralise key behavioural data including customer journey, spend and performance for keywords and social, affiliate networks, email metrics, etc.
  3. Visualise high-value metrics in Looker


Ancoris CMOLab Recommendation Engine

Customers demand a highly personalised experience; from accurate product recommendations when online shopping, to highly relevant and engaging content on social media and other media platforms.

Ancoris CMOLab Recommendation Engine easily connects to your existing eCommerce, ERP and content management systems. Once connected, recommendations are computed on a daily basis, and served to consumers via simple integration with your existing customer facing platforms.

Ancoris CMOLab Recommendation Engine is developed to provide highly accurate consumer recommendations, leveraging the very latest in Google Cloud AI, and data analytics technology.

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