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Take your business to the next level with geolocation

Boost your business and improve your bottom line by adding geolocation, also referred to as location-based services, to your operations.

Solve countless operational challenges

Add custom geolocation features using Google Cloud Maps APIs to your website or apps. Everything makes sense more quickly when we look at custom maps, charts, graphs and diagrams.

Make better decisions

Bring together data from multiple internal and external sources and visualise it on a map.  Spot trends using heatmaps and take early action.

Visualise data

Improve sales and marketing

On top of using store locators in their website, retailers are also using geofences - virtual perimeters around a location - to push notifications.

Increase footfall

Improve customer experience

Take deliveries to the next level with real-time tracking.  Location data such as live traffic information, tell customers exactly when their parcels should arrive. 

Improve customer engagement

Deliver better customer service

By adding destination information to a rental site, revenues grew by more 2000%.  Knowing about local attractions or public transport made it easier for customers to make a choice.

Improve customer service

Optimise job scheduling

Combine data from internal systems with custom Google Maps to improve route planning. Identify the optimum patch for each employee and generate schedules that minimise travel time – and costs.

Predict travel times

Target marketing spend

Identify your ideal customers then apply geomarketing to advertising such as Google Ads and digital signage more precisely, and tailor your messages so they’re more relevant and engaging.

Use geomarketing

Reduce insurance premiums

A shipping company has significantly lowered its insurance costs by adding geolocation trackers to shipments, along with sensors for factors such as humidity, tip/tilt and acceleration. 

Create new revenue streams

Apply data science to your location data to identify patterns and insights.  Create new services and innovate based on the location data you are already collecting.

Why use a Google Maps Premier Partner

Either develop your own application using the Google Maps Platform or entrust this to our own development team. Our packaged services can be purchased on their own or as a full consultancy bundle. It is very much a pick and mix approach.

Our services include:

  • Design and deployment
  • Operational, including health check and performance review
  • Support services

Expertise tailored to your industry


Optimise sales with store locators and tailored promotions.
Engage customers with “extras” that help them get more from the products you sell
Get a better ROI from your marketing spend with geofencing for targeted campaigns
Improve your view of your supply chain to provide better customer service

Estate and lettings agents

  • Have all the information you need when out of the office
  • Attract clients by providing rich information in property listings
  • Get clients into the right homes faster
  • Increase the number of viewings and other visits agents can handle
  • Improve efficiency and customer satisfaction for property management and maintenance

Transport and logistics

  • Create optimum routes for single or multi-drop deliveries 
  • Let customers see in real time where their parcels are and when they’ll arrive
  • Manage drivers more easily while they’re on the road
  • Make better decisions about both strategic and operational issues
  • Reduce maintenance costs and the risk of disruptive breakdowns

Housing associations

  • Increase number of weekly officer visits
  • Reduce rent arrears and increase revenues
  • Ensure checks are valid and SLAs met
  • Improve the speed of repairs and ensure SLAs are met
  • Reduce void housing levels
  • Get tenants into the most suitable properties to meet their needs

Public sector

  • Plan new services and how they’ll be delivered
  • Optimise your current services and how you staff them
  • Increase the efficiency of mobile workers
  • Improve interagency working by combining everyone’s data on a single map
  • Help residents use services and find other relevant local information

Travel and tourism

  • Help customers make better choices when booking by giving them information-rich interactive maps for destinations
  • Get a better ROI from your marketing spend
  • Reduce the cost of managing rental properties
  • Make better decisions about both strategic and operational issues

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