Cloud Skills Academy enhance users with new Google Apps functionality

By: Sue Fabre
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Published: Dec 09, 2014
Cloud Skills Academy enhance users with new Google Apps functionality

Google Drive for Work

Earlier this year, Google introduced a new interface for Google Drive, which included a new way of importing, selecting and managing files. This was the most significant in a number of updates to Docs and Drive in Google Apps, with additional tools for working with forms, images and tables introduced over previous months.

With all of these exciting new features becoming available, how can an organisation ensure that their users are comfortable with new ways of working in Google Apps, and that they are taking advantage of new features that could help them save time and produce better looking documents?

Traditionally, most training programmes for Google Apps concentrate on the migration period i.e. getting users up-to-scratch on the basics of Google Apps Email and Calendar just before they migrate from MS Outlook or Lotus Notes. While this type of training is key to a successful migration, it is important to ensure users can get on-going help with new functionality, and have access to training on the additional applications that they now have at their fingertips - including Google Drive, Docs and Sites.

The Cloud Skills Academy is a training and end-user support tool that can help users when they migrate to Google Apps, and as they continue to use it on a day-to-day basis. We cover all of the main areas of Google Apps: Email, Calendar, Drive, Docs and Sites, and add new topics as features become available on rapid release. Promoting the idea of self-service training, the Academy will allow users to find out more about Google Apps when it suits them.

The Cloud Skills Academy is fully integrated into Google Apps, providing users with access to the training tool directly from the Apps launcher using Single Sign-on. In addition, our Chrome Extension flags any new functionality added to Google Apps, allowing users immediate access to the new training material.

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To find out more about the Cloud Skills Academy, and start your free 7 day trial, visit our website or call us on 01344 203413. Please note that the Cloud Skills Academy belongs to the Appogee products division of Ancoris.


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