Digital transformation advice from a UK Google Cloud Premier Partner

Digital transformation advice from a UK Google Cloud Premier Partner

Processes, people and technology are the three basic ingredients in the recipe for any digital transformation project – and all equally necessary for success. However, research suggests the drivers in each of these key areas can shift as an organisation achieves greater digital maturity.

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Organisations in the earliest stage of digital maturity typically concentrate on increasing efficiency and improving customer experience and engagement.

As they become more digitally mature, they will increasingly look at improving both innovation and decision-making.

However, only when they approach a high level of digital maturity will they commit completely to transforming the business as a whole, rather than just addressing individual functions or processes. 


When it comes to people, digital strategies are currently being driven largely by CEOs and CIOs.

There's a growing recognition, however, that the lead should increasingly be taken by the new roles of Chief Digital Officer or Head of Digital. The key differentiator is their complete focus on digital transformation and their ability to cut across traditional organisational boundaries.


Finally, a number of technologies which will be crucial to delivering many digital transformation strategies over the next three years. These include:

  • mobile apps 
  • social media tools and social intranets
  • web collaboration tools
  • Smartphones and mobile devices
  • Workplace infrastructure

These are all areas of technology where Ancoris has considerable experience in helping customers to combine people, process and technology to deliver digital transformation. 

To find out how your organisation can bring together people, process and technology to become more digitally mature, come and talk to our digital transformation specialists.

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Article updated May 2019
First published Sept 2016