How do you deploy enterprise mobile apps that are fast and secure?

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Published: Aug 11, 2020
How do you deploy enterprise mobile apps that are fast and secure?

If you’re deploying mobile and web apps, you want to give every user a fast, consistent and secure experience. That applies whether your app is for customers or used by employees who are working from home, in the field or in branches.

But delivering great performance has never been easy, even with on-premise systems and private local and wide-area networks. With mobile and web-based apps, it’s even more challenging: you often don’t know where your users are, what devices and networks they’ll use to connect — or even how many users you’ll have, both on average and at peak times.

Choosing the right cloud partner will make it easier to tackle these issues and provide users with a fast, consistent and secure experience. You should look for a cloud partner with:

Fast, scalable, on-demand computing power

Google Cloud Platform’s serverless cloud computing solutions  let you maintain performance at busy times by making it easy to spin up new production servers in seconds without having to worry about clusters, nodes and configuration. The built-in load balancer and autoscaler are designed to tolerate extreme spikes in traffic, so you can automatically scale from no traffic to millions of requests per second, in seconds. You can also configure the machines you use with the right combination of memory, CPU and local storage to match the specific characteristics of your apps.

APIs for common business systems and point solutions that are optimised for performance

APIs help you quickly connect data and processes during development — but they mustn’t become a bottleneck in your live systems. As well as providing you with optimised APIs to connect your apps to business software like Salesforce and SAP or to allow you to add features such as route planning powered by Google Maps, the Google Cloud Platform includes tools that help you build and manage secure APIs for any system that can handle high throughput.

Fast, direct connections to your local points of presence, such as the ISPs your users normally connect to

With Google Cloud Platform, you benefit from the Google Backbone, a private, ultra-fast network built and managed by Google itself. The Google Backbone doesn’t just connect Google’s data centres but also links to more than 140 “edge connections”, serving over 200 countries. That means your content is usually only one hop away over the public internet from your users, helping you to enjoy low latency, better throughput and higher security.

Layered defence-in-depth security, from the device to the data centre

Google employs more than 700 cloud security professionals who are dedicated to providing your systems with the same level of security as Google’s own solutions. That includes:

    • cutting-edge physical protection for Google’s data centres, including biometric and laser-based intrusion detection and custom hardware to run your apps that’s designed for security as well as performance
    • data encryption every step the way, both when data is stored and when it’s moving
    • advanced access and authentication, including single sign-on to provide unified access to not just G Suite but all your apps running on the Google Cloud Platform, as well as two-step user verification (with the option of physical keys) and machine learning to detect suspicious logins
    • Data loss prevention solutions that reduce the risk of  sensitive information leaving your company, whether through email, webchat or third-party apps that need to access your business data
    • Device management that provides continuous monitoring of company-owned and personal user devices, alerts you quickly to suspicious activity so you can take action. Through web-based admin consoles, you can set and enforce mobile policies and remotely lock or wipe lost or stolen devices
    • An operating system, Chrome OS, that includes security features at the hardware, operating system, application and management level

Working with a Google Cloud Platform Premier Partner

As a leading Google Cloud Service Partner, we have considerable experience with Google Cloud Platform, both assisting clients to future proof their business with cloud infrastructure.

Cloud adoption is not just about agility and cost optimisation — it’s about building the very foundations you need to continuously innovate and stay ahead. A cloud-first architecture using Google Cloud Platform not only modernises your infrastructure but unlocks a whole new world of digital freedom and opportunity.

Our onboarding methodology will help you realise value in weeks, not months so you can save costs and increase agility.

If you’d like to find out more about how we can help you, why not take a look at some of our customer success stories or talk to the experts in our Google Cloud Platform team.

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Article updated August 2020

First published May 2017

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