Google Cloud Platform migration and modernisation

Transform your IT with cloud — improve performance, add new capabilities, and drive costs down

How we help organisations like yours:


Cloud adoption is not just about agility and cost optimisation — it’s about building the very foundations you need to continuously innovate and stay ahead. A cloud-first architecture using Google Cloud Platform not only modernises your infrastructure but unlocks a whole new world of digital freedom and opportunity.


Save costs and increase agility

  • The transition to the cloud will free you from managing infrastructure, provisioning servers and configuring networks. We can reduce your costs and provide the scalability and agility to cope with whatever the future holds.
  • Google Cloud’s customer-friendly pricing offers up to 60% savings, with automatic discounts for both long- and short-running applications.
  • Blazing VM start times and Google’s global private network mean low latency and high performance for users.

Realise value in weeks, not months

  • Quickly gain the cost, performance and innovation benefits of a modern cloud platform with our seamless migration process.

  • Ancoris is your partner-in-cloud, from the initial assessment and analysis of your environment to the plan for the final roadmap.

  • From plotting migrations of low-risk workloads to estimating costs, we help you select the best solution for your business. In the case of VM migrations, we use tools such as Cloud Physics to help you build the business case.

Adopt a multi-cloud strategy

  • 85% of enterprises have a hybrid- or multi-cloud strategy, with applications running in both public and private clouds.

  • Realistically, many businesses evolve legacy systems to benefit from the cloud without completely throwing out historic investments.

Ancoris GreenLab

Ancoris GreenLab helps business leaders contribute to their organisation’s sustainability goals by providing insight into the carbon impact of on premise and hosted datacenter deployments.

We’ll help you understand:

  1. The Transformation and Modernisation opportunities that can be achieved with Ancoris and Google Cloud Platform.
  2. What the financial, technical and, as importantly, sustainability plan for migration to Google Cloud Platform, the cleanest cloud, looks like.
  3. How a cloud migration can not only make your company more efficient, it can also make a big dent in the carbon footprint of your technology.

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Why you need a cloud landing zone

A great landing zone will follow best practices and have a structured approach to discovery, a well defined implementation process and agreed target goals. These are the 4 reasons why you need it:

  • Consistency - Apply the same consistency across all your cloud environments
  • Autoscale - Adapt to business change on demand and at speed
  • Cost management - Resources and budget are limited. Focus where it matters.
  • Auditability - Meet industry compliance through traceability and audits.

Download your guide: Solving for operational efficiency with Google Cloud

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Container Orchestration, a Google Cloud innovation

Google Cloud deploys billions of containers a week and brings 15 years’ experience in running containers at scale.

Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE) is a managed Kubernetes environment to deploy, manage and scale your container environments quickly and securely. It simplifies operating Kubernetes, allowing you to focus on your applications and accelerating time to value.

We can help design a Kubernetes environment that can scale as you grow, and oversee a safe and successful migration to Google Cloud and a fully managed Kubernetes environment. In partnership with Google, we focus on deploying highly reliable container orchestration solutions, letting you and your teams focus on delivering software and services on a globally scalable Kubernetes platform.

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