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Technology to create a more sustainable world. Meet the challenges posed by climate change, and the need for resource efficiency.

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The Challenge

Technology Infrastructure can use vast amounts of electricity and water to power servers and keep them cool. Demand for precious natural resources is ever increasing, and it is expected the upcoming decade will see continued growth in the need for mass compute, storage and networking capacity.  This will be a significant challenge to the IEA net zero pathway’s goal of global energy demand in 2050 being 8% smaller than today.

Sustainability is at the heart of most business’s agendas, with eco-friendly thinking now essential in decision-making at all levels. Many organisations have discovered the benefits that cloud computing brings, but may not realise just what goes into the running and upkeep of the data centres that power the cloud.

A sustainable cloud solution: Ancoris GreenLab

Ancoris GreenLab helps business leaders contribute to their organisation’s sustainability goals by providing insight into the carbon impact of on premise and hosted datacenter deployments.

Many organisations have discovered the benefits that cloud computing brings, but may not realise just what goes into the running and upkeep of the data centres that power the cloud.

Our GreenLab Assessment helps you understand how to make sure your business is run in the most sustainable and efficient way.

We’ll help you understand:

  1. The Transformation and Modernisation opportunities that can be achieved with Ancoris and Google Cloud Platform.

  2. What the financial, technical and, as importantly, sustainability plan for migration to Google Cloud Platform, the cleanest cloud, looks like.

  3. How a cloud migration can not only make your company more efficient, it can also make a big dent in the carbon footprint of your technology.

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Green cloud FAQs

Cloud computing removes the need for businesses and organisations to have on-site servers and processors, which can dramatically reduce their energy costs and carbon footprints. However, cloud data centres require lots of energy to keep them running and power the servers, as well as what are known as ‘overheads’; the associated costs of keeping the centres running smoothly.

This can include things like water usage and cooling systems to keep the servers at the optimal temperature.

A cloud provider’s sustainability therefore centres on its use of energy in powering these data centres. Google Cloud Platform is the greenest cloud provider, due to its use of renewable energy sources to power its data centres.

Although it reduces the energy use and therefore the emissions output of organisations and companies, cloud services do still consume large amounts of energy. This energy is needed to power the data centres and keep the servers cool enough to operate. However, this is often a more sustainable alternative to traditional on-premises servers and data centres.

The Google approach to the cloud uses renewable energy and is carbon-neutral, meaning there’s no detrimental impact on the environment. With sustainability becoming a more important consideration for businesses and consumers, a cloud platform provides a much more environmentally friendly solution.

Aside from the operational benefits of using the cloud, there are also a range of sustainability advantages which mean a cloud platform can help to drive change within your business.

These benefits include:

  • More efficient energy usage
  • Reduction in paper wastage
  • Cost savings
  • Reduced carbon footprint

Moving your data to a greener cloud environment can help you to realise these advantages and start to reap the rewards of being a more sustainable business.


Read more about how your business can benefit from a green cloud platform.

What are the green credentials of the Google Cloud Platform?

The Google Cloud Platform is recognised as the ‘greenest’ provider, meaning it is the most environmentally friendly option. Several independent reviews list Google as the cleanest cloud provider, and that is backed up by Google’s own data, statistics and eco targets.

Google purchases enough renewable energy to power all its data centres around the globe, meaning they operate on a carbon neutral basis (and have done since 2007).

Alongside its commitment to sustainability, Google has started to use more environmentally friendly practices to power its data centres, for example by using outside air to cool servers. It also uses machine learning to understand weather patterns in its various locales, allowing it to ensure each data centre is at an optimal temperature without wasteful use of energy.

Google is now in its ‘third decade of climate action’, and the next big aim is to become a carbon-free company globally by 2030.


How to migrate to a clean cloud solution

If you’re ready to move to a more sustainable cloud platform, there are several steps you need to take to ensure a smooth transition:

  1. Choose your solution (Google Cloud Platform)

  2. Define your starting and target environments (i.e. the place you’re moving data and workloads from and to)

  3. Assess your current environments and take an inventory apps, workloads and data to be migrated

  4. Plan the target environment and its setup configuration, taking into account user access, hierarchy and connectivity

  5. Deploy the workloads to your new environment, either manually or using automations

  6. Optimise the solution on an ongoing basis, including internal staff training, monitoring of performance and implementing automations

Read more: How to migrate your data to a more sustainable cloud solution

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How Ancoris can help you to meet your sustainability goals?

Ancoris is a Google Cloud Premier Partner with 10+ years of experience working with Google and its products. That means we’re well placed to help you embark on your sustainability journey and begin to harness the sustainable benefits of a greener cloud solution.

Whitepaper - How Ancoris GreenLab can help your organisation achieve its sustainability goals through cloud technology

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