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The Challenge

Technology Infrastructure can use vast amounts of electricity and water to power servers and keep them cool. Demand for precious natural resources is ever increasing, and it is expected the upcoming decade will see continued growth in the need for mass compute, storage and networking capacity.  This will be a significant challenge to the IEA net zero pathway’s goal of global energy demand in 2050 being 8% smaller than today.

Ancoris GreenLab

Ancoris GreenLab helps business leaders contribute to their organisation’s sustainability goals by providing insight into the carbon impact of on premise and hosted datacenter deployments.

Our GreenLab Assessment helps you understand how to make sure your business is run in the most sustainable and efficient way.

We’ll help you understand:

  1. The Transformation and Modernisation opportunities that can be achieved with Ancoris and Google Cloud Platform.

  2. What the financial, technical and, as importantly, sustainability plan for migration to Google Cloud Platform, the cleanest cloud, looks like.

  3. How a cloud migration can not only make your company more efficient, it can also make a big dent in the carbon footprint of your technology.


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