App development and managed services

Cloud App development and managed services

We help our clients with their digital transformation projects by building custom web and mobile applications, using Google Cloud Platform (GCP), our extensive experience and industry best practice.
Our certified consultants and engineers design and deliver intuitive and secure apps that help you transform specific business processes or develop new digital models, making your organisation more productive, innovative and mobile.

We develop solutions using Google Cloud mobile, cloud and maps technologies as well as integrations with other systems in your business.  The solutions we build for you are typically web applications or services which are built to run on GCP.  They may also include client applications (e.g. Android app, Chrome extension or Chrome Application) which interact with a backend solution or a third-party system.
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Digitisation of mobile test collections

Our customer collects and tests biological samples on behalf of clients nationally.  The paper based collections in the field required manual, error prone, re-keying of data into legacy systems for tests and reporting at head office.

The end-to-end automation and digitisation has removed paper from the process, providing data security and a complete audit trail.  Not only are jobs processed up to 25% faster, but Head Office can now assess the number of technicians required and measure performance.  The automation of invoicing and expenses is also saving time, effort and over 25,000 sheets of paper per annum.

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Digital enablement of mobile workforce

The Rentokil team is mobile and visits customer locations to perform pest control services internationally.  The team was using paper to draw a floorplan and mark it up with pest control points. This was  sent to back office to be digitised and uploaded into Rentokil’s service management systems

The digital app based solution has enabled 14,000 frontline colleagues via cloud-connected Android based apps for customer installation and servicing. Not only is the solution improving efficiency and quality of pest control service, it also provides a competitive advantage in highly regulated markets.

Benefits of digitisation

Why Ancoris

We take pride in being an extension to your IT and business teams. Our aim is to become your cloud and innovation partner, rather than a mere supplier of technology services. We deliver solutions quickly, ensure they are adopted successfully and continue to work with you as you become digitally mature.

We see our role as the catalyst in your digital transformation journey to:

  • Improve customer service - Integrate data from many systems and make up-to-date information immediately visible to your users or clients.
  • Provide a positive impact on your mobile workers with digital processes which make their jobs easier and more efficient.
  • Gain an advantage over your competitors with efficient processes, faster response and better overall customer service
  • Scale and adapt - We design our solution to be future proof, so you won’t have to worry about the underlying technology or infrastructure as your business changes and grows.

How we do it

With mobile technology, IoT devices, big and bigger data, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, the Google Cloud Platform is constantly evolving and we make it our business to know the best of what technology has to offer. The focus of our development work is to help you re-think your processes and re-develop your applications in the fastest and most cost effective way.

We partner with our customers to co-create the solutions that will support the transformation of their business. Working together, we use the Google Cloud Platform as a canvas to re-imagine how you could work now and in the future.

Our innovation cycle

We help organisations move from legacy systems to affordable and innovative cloud and mobile services. But we don’t stop there. Innovation is a continuous improvement cycle which requires ongoing engagement with our customer teams.

Our innovation cycle
Agile development

Agile development

We use agile software development principles and get things moving quickly by launching a minimum viable product so you can quickly benefit from the solution and see a return on your investment. By implementing iterative and collaborative processes we further enhance the solution and use your feedback to make rapid and incremental changes so the solution evolves as your business does.

What is agile software development?

"Ancoris team is great to work with. They're extremely responsive and really innovative. They think of problems that we haven't thought of ahead of time."

Becky Evans, Education Program ManagerGoogle for Education
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Managed Services

A Managed Service from Ancoris is like gaining the capability of a specialised development, operations and support team - with certified professionals, knowledge of the Google stack and agile methodologies to deliver custom solutions to your application users.

Ancoris Managed Service is designed to handle the daily operations of your purpose built solutions and platforms.  This allows your in-house IT to focus on more strategic IT programs and your business core competencies.

The dedicated Managed Service built around your application will ensure user training, adoption and satisfaction as well as ongoing flexibility to support, update, repair, incorporate changes and enhancements to the solution.

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