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Cloud App development

Cloud application development is one of our focus areas.  Ancoris help clients with their digital transformation projects by building custom web and mobile applications on the Google Cloud Platform (GCP).  We deliver intuitive and secure apps that help you transform specific business processes or even develop new digital models, making your organisation more productive, innovative and mobile.

We undertake development projects using Google mobile, cloud and maps technologies and can provide full G Suite integration.  Applications are typically web applications or services which are built to run on GCP.  They may also include client applications (e.g. Android app, Chrome extension or Chrome Application) which interact with the hosted server web application.

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How we do it

For most of our clients, adopting the cloud is no longer primarily about cost-efficiencies and agility. It is becoming their most critical, and dependable source of sustained technology innovations.

As a service provider, our role is to be the catalyst for their digital transformation not mere suppliers of technology services. Our goal is to provide competitive advantage.

We partner with our customers to co-create the IP that will support the ongoing development of their businesses and focus on the customer experience.  Working together, we use the Google Cloud Platform as a canvas to re-imagine how they could work now and in the future.

We use agile software development principles and get things moving quickly by launching minimum viable products.  Our process is iterative and collaborative.  We use your feedback to make rapid and incremental changes so you can realise business value at an early stage in the cycle.

Cloud and mobile application development

The Google Cloud Platform is constantly evolving. We make it our business to know the best of what it has to offer, now and in the future. The focus of our development work is to help you re-think your processes and re-develop your applications in the fastest and most cost effective way.


We are trailblazers and all members of our development team have several years of experience with GCP. Moreover, as we are completely focused on Google, you can rest assured that we are best placed to advise you.

The development of our own Software-as-a-Service applications offer a good indication of our capabilities with G Suite API’s, Google Maps APIs, Google App Script, Google App Engine, Google Compute Engine, Google Cloud Storage and Google BigQuery.

Development Capabilities

Our developers hold a host of certifications between them and boast specialities in a range of areas and languages from mobile computing to Java, Python, PHP and even Lotus Notes. We are proud to be a Trusted Tester for new releases of Google App Engine.

We can help identify the best way for you to leverage Google Cloud. Our team can work with you to connect with G Suite from existing systems and processes, or migrate applications entirely depending on your requirements. Our aim is to help you to save costs and capitalise on the efficiency of GCP and associated toolset.


Systems Integration with Google App Engine

Although there are times when it’s necessary to migrate existing applications from on-premise to the cloud, in some cases it’s more appropriate to consider integrating them with the Google Cloud.

Extensions to existing applications and services to accommodate the growing Google population is an area where our development team can really help.

Whether you need to link to GMail, Calendar, Docs or other services within the Google environment, our experts can work with you to establish requirements, design, build and deliver a solution which effectively connects your existing systems with G Suite

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