Customer Success for Google Cloud solutions

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Friendly support for Google Cloud products

When it comes to handling technical support enquiries, Ancoris prides itself on offering vendor-level expertise.  We also have direct access to the escalation processes of Google Cloud as well other vendors in our partner ecosystem. Our friendly and talented support team receives consistently high ratings by our customers for their competency, professionalism and ability to resolve issues promptly.

We provide telephone and email support and make extensive use of web conferencing to resolve more complex problems. Our services also include on-site support by arrangement.

Customer success services for Google Maps

The aim of Ancoris customer success services is twofold.  First, we ensure that your initial implementation of Google Maps is successful, optimised and healthy.  We monitor this on an ongoing basis so that it stays that way.

Secondly, we look at ways to maximise your use of the Google Maps APIs.  We provide business support, hints and tips to improve the value of your implementation and even extend it to improve business performance.  Services include:

  • Onboarding and regular health checks
  • Business reviews and roadmap sessions
  • Credit consumption monitoring
  • Update on Google Maps news and latest releases
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G Suite customer success services

Ancoris is a G Suite Premier Partner and was one of the first companies worldwide to offer “Customer Success Services approved by Google”. Our Google managed partner status means that we have direct access to Google’s escalation processes, support and management teams. As a result, we always get fast answers to our customers’ questions and issues.

Every member of our support team holds the dual accreditation of G Suite certified administrator specialist and G Suite certified deployment specialist. This means you will receive the highest possible levels of support from every single one of us.

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Support services for G Suite administrators

Ancoris’ support services expand on the basic service from Google and offer immediate access to support specialists and pro-active assistance. We cover not only the core G Suite services, but also the environment in which your Google implementation exists.

This service gives your designated customer administrator direct access to our G Suite specialists both on the phone and via email. We also make extensive use of web-conferencing facilities so that we may understand the full extent of your issues and resolve them promptly and professionally.

G Suite Support Plans

We offer a number of support plans. Each of those has a different level of service to allow you to select the best option for your requirements.

  • Essential Support plan provides telephone and email support for technical issues related to the complete set of G Suite services.
  • Comprehensive Support plan builds on Essential Support and adds end-user self help support using the Cloud Skills Academy, our integrated e-learning platform.
  • Enterprise Support plan has a strategic focus. It is aimed at organisations which are looking to use G Suite and the Google Cloud Platform as part of their digital transformation initiative. It includes:
    • Operational reviews
    • Service reviews and Google strategy discussions
    • Adoption advocacy and transformation initiatives
    • Advice on adoption of third party applications listed in G Suite Marketplace
    • Free consultancy to assist you in making the most of your G Suite environment