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Centralise and share digital media assets

Store your digital assets on Google Cloud

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High definition images and 4K-and-higher video are causing an explosion in storage and bandwidth requirements. Size, growth, accessibility as well as security of digital media assets are challenging even the largest global organisations.

Our solution based on the Google Cloud Platform is a powerful, simple and cost effective object storage service.  It enables creative professionals, with the computational power and global reach of Google’s infrastructure — whatever the size of their studio or organisation.

From content ingestion and creation, storage and archival, to video transcoding and distribution for livestreaming, we let you focus on creating great content rather than worry about infrastructure.

Business impact

  • Reduce overheads with powerful and simple digital media archival.
  • Store media cheaply and indefinitely with disaster recovery built in
  • Access your data quickly and easily thanks to a robust and rich metadata model
  • Ingest, process, and distribute video for live streaming with cloud-based video transcoding & distribution
  • Access data globally and at speed thanks to Google’s own global private fiber network
  • Secure your media assets with encryption and granular access control