Digital Transformation

Digital transformation is key

Organisations face the imperative to innovate or grow, or do both, because the focus on cost efficiency has not proved sufficient to ensure survival. Our customers are now implementing digital transformation initiatives as a way of remaining competitive.  Deploying cloud services is not simply an IT project, but rather a programme that needs to align with the overall business goals and change established behaviour.

This service will require a deliberate investment in time as true innovation need a sustained focus on enabling technology, motivating people and reinventing business processes. Transformation Workshops can be customised for any Google Cloud solution, for example application development on Google Cloud Platform, employee collaboration with G Suite or mobile working with Chrome.

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What is the approach?

Plan – Assess strategic goals, business objectives and challenges to ensure alignment with activities.  Plan and prepare for a Transformation Workshop
Discover – Conduct a Transformation Workshop to discover business processes to transform,  prototype solutions and develop and action plan and pipeline of projects
Execute – Implement new process improvements and scaled solution templates.  Also promote successes and measure process gains.

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How we do it

Transformation is at the intersection of great people, process and technology. The fusion of these key elements is at the core of a culture of innovation.

How we do it


Engage stakeholders and promote success


Consultancy, deployment and end user enablement


Define a vision and measure improvements
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What is a Transformation Workshop?

The Transformation Workshop is an opportunity to bring people, process, and technology together to transform the way you work. Participants will look at their own business processes, brainstorm opportunities to leverage Google Cloud solutions, build prototypes, and walk away with a roadmap to sustain long-term innovation.


What’s included in the transformation starter pack:

  • Half day Transformation Workshop
  • Solution prototypes
  • Business transformation tracker
  • Prioritised project plan
  • Scaled solution pack
  • Re-engineered business processes

Transformation Workshop helps Emperor Design get maximum value from G Suite

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