3 reasons Forrester ranks Google as a Leader for Cloud Data Warehouse

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Published: Apr 15, 2021
3 reasons Forrester ranks Google as a Leader for Cloud Data Warehouse

A recent evaluation of Cloud Data Warehouse solutions from the experts at Forrester puts Google Cloud firmly in the Leader’s Quadrant. In fact, Google Cloud outscored other solutions when the evaluations of both its current offering and its strategy going forwards were combined.

According to the Forrester team, Google achieved this Leader status by delivering against three key areas.

1.  Simplicity

Google Cloud simplifies data warehouse deployment and management.  For Forrester, this means features like powerful automation capabilities for ingestion, query tuning, processing and data integration.

We know from our experiences with customers that you can get even complex data analytics projects into production in just a few weeks with Google BigQuery.

We also know that, no matter where your data is stored and how often you need to ingest it, BigQuery comes with tools — enhanced by an ecosystem of third-party providers like Fivetran and dbt — that let you quickly build robust data pipelines.

2.  Scalability

Google Cloud scales to match your needs.  You want a solution that won't box you in, giving you plenty of room for future growth as you store and process increasing volumes of data and make it available to more users. At the same time, you want a solution that scales to match your current business needs, so you’re not paying for capabilities you’re not currently using.

Google Cloud has numerous customers storing and processing more than 100 terabytes of data and with more than 100 concurrent users.  However, its consumption-based pricing model makes it very affordable for even very small companies who want to take advantage of powerful data analytics.

With its serverless architecture, it’s also no surprise that Forrester’s evaluation gives BigQuery top marks for performance and scalability.

3.  Ambitious roadmap

It has a roadmap as bold as your own cloud ambitions. Most vendors are focused on simplifying their solutions to allow non technical users to access data directly.  Forrester’s Leaders are looking to empower you to take the way you use data to the next level, allowing you to get the answers to the questions you really want to be able to ask.

For example, with BigQuery, you can create ML models using SQL queries and then execute them from within BigQuery itself, with no need to employ scarce ML or data engineering expertise. You can also tap into tools that let you easily get more out of geospatial data and unstructured data such as video, images and free text documents. Google is constantly adding new features and new tools that make it even easier for your business to become more data-driven.

Overall, Forrester concludes, ‘Customers like Google’s frequency of new data warehouse releases, business value, future-proof architecture, high-end scale, geospatial capabilities, strong AI/ML capabilities, good security capabilities, and broad analytical use cases.”

The Forrester Wave: Cloud Data Warehouse Comparison Report

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