What a housing association's digital transformation journey looks like

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Published: Feb 14, 2017
What a housing association's digital transformation journey looks like

The best performing housing associations know that traditional cost cutting, focused on trimming headcount, squeezing suppliers on costs and automating existing processes without redesigning them, simply doesn’t deliver long-term efficiency savings. They have achieved their success by adopting modern business practices and transforming their business processes.

What should underpin the digital transformation journey of housing associations?

Technology has a vital role to play in helping achieve this transformation, although it’s not the only element that needs to be considered. There are two other major factors to consider and these are people and processes.

Housing associations need to create a supporting IT infrastructure that provides a platform for change, lets them deliver more for less, helps staff be more productive and allows staff to become more mobile and work from anywhere.

This in turn improves collaboration internally and externally with partners and provides the appropriate IT tools to everyone who needs them. This includes areas of the organisation that have never previously had access to corporate systems, resulting in strengthened communication with tenants.


What are the benefits of using cloud technology?

A cloud-based IT infrastructure offers the best platform on which to move forward and there are many benefits to using Google Cloud technology.  Primarily it is accessible from anywhere and on any device, supporting one to thousands of users and it’s quick to deploy to new users especially during mergers and acquisitions. With many housing association staff spread out across offices or working in the field, cloud technology connects your unconnected workers and supports effective team working, that fosters innovation. All of this can be achieved knowing that Google Cloud has a long track record in meeting government security and privacy requirements.

What does the future look like for the housing sector?

Amid the challenges and pressures facing the sector, there is room for huge opportunity and scope to radically evolve. Housing associations need to transform themselves by adopting modern business practices and redesigning processes to support effective team working. There will also be consolidation to create better services. It’s not just about becoming more efficient but – following the lead of the best performers and re-imagining the way they operate. It is through this transformation and improved ways of working, that housing associations can achieve their goals.

Working with our digital transformation specialists

If you're involved in the busy day to day and your teams have been working with a process a certain way for years, it can be hard to step back to imagine doing it in a totally different way.

Got an idea to transform your business and want help bringing it to life? We’re all ears. We design, build and manage customised mobile and cloud apps to meet your specific needs – either alongside your team or for you. Our early prowess in mastering APIs led to Google itself becoming a customer and us building their Exam Platform. So not only do we know our onions but you can trust us to deliver innovation and edge in spades.

If you’d like to find out more about how we can help you with your own digital transformation journey, why not take a look at some of our customer success stories or talk to our Digital Transformation Specialists.

Delivering digital transformation success - four key ingredients

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