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Causeway Technologies provide cloud solutions to the construction industry, covering every stage of activity, from infrastructure design to cost planning, through to build and property maintenance.

About the project

Like many businesses, Causeway Technologies wants to get more value from the large amounts of data it collects during routine operations. Using Google BigQuery, together with other tools running on Google Cloud, Causeway delivered a data analytics solution that met an immediate business need. The solution, developed with the support of Ancoris, formed the basis of a proof of concept for the platform that will support Causeway’s long-term data strategy.


  • Collecting large volumes of client engagement data but users unable to easily access the data to provide insights and drive business decisions.
  • Large volumes of high value product usage data in disparate platforms needing to be brought together could not be scaled for market and business analytics with the existing infrastructure.
  • A large, internal dataset capturing metrics around the way clients interact with Causeway Technologies’ SaaS solutions identified as suitable for a proof-of-concept solution.



  • A single trusted source of cleansed and transformed data, updated frequently and able to be quickly, easily and independently queried by users.
  • Interactive dashboards created using Google Data Studio, drawing on the same dataset to support different user groups. Users can select subsets of data to explore — for a date range, for example — and drill down into the detail.
  • Product managers see metrics on how clients interact with specific products and features, using those insights to drive product development.
  • Customer-facing teams see how individual customers interact with products, using those insights to identify how to help customers get more from existing investments, as well as opportunities to cross-sell other solutions.
  • A robust and scalable technical platform and methodology to apply to other data sets and user groups, that can be extended with other tools such as machine learning to give Causeway’s clients better insights into their business operations and projects.

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