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Citizens Advice deploys Chrome devices to improve communication

Over the last 75 years, the Citizens Advice service has helped tens of millions of people to solve their problems. The Citizens Advice network delivers advice services from 600 local Citizens Advice premises and over 2,000 community centres, doctor’s surgeries, courts and prisons across England and Wales.

About the project

The national Citizens Advice charity is implementing One Service, their five-year strategy to improve how the organisation delivers services and manages its operations. To support the One Service strategy, Citizens Advice adopted a new approach to IT, based around cloud computing from Google.


  • Powerful technology was required to communicate and collaborate better across geographical locations.
  • Staff based at nine regional offices and head office as well as a large number of homeworkers use Google Workspace.
  • Use of the collaboration tools is high. People create reports involving multiple stakeholders with Google Docs, and automate data gathering and reporting with Google Sheets
  • Under its “Google First” policy, Citizens Advice look at other ways to maximise their use of Google Cloud technology



  • All new starters are provided with a Chrome device.  Failing Windows PCs, used by current staff, are replaced with Chrome devices. PCs are only provided by exception.
  • Chromebooks rolled out to more than 300 courts across England and Wales, after Citizens Advice took over the court-based Witness Service.
  • Chrome devices offer a range of benefits.  Deployment costs are around a third of an equivalent Windows PC.  They are easy to maintain, fast and easy to use.  They are also very secure as nothing is stored on the device.
  • Citizens Advice has now fitted Meet Hardware in its meeting rooms at HQ and in each of its nine regional offices. These are used to hold Google Meet for one-to-one meetings or smaller groups to improve collaboration and reduce travelling time

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