Transformation Workshops help HMV maximise their use of G Suite

HMV Retail is a leading specialist retailer of music and entertainment, with 129 stores across the UK. In 2013, the company emerged from administration with a fresh outlook on entertainment retailing and the technical environment to support that vision.
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HMV Retail had already integrated G Suite in the company’s culture, but they wanted to take it to the next level. Business teams took part in Transformation Workshops to explore how they could maximise their use of G Suite and improve some of their existing processes.


  • In January 2015, HMV Retail implements G Suite replacing Microsoft products
  • GMail and Google Drive become integral to the company’s culture
  • Chromebox for Meetings and Google Hangouts are used to hold meetings with staff based at different offices and at regional level
  • By early 2016, HMV Retail is ready to take the next step and ask Ancoris to run a Transformation Workshop.  They want to explore how the company could use G Suite to improve processes and deliver further business benefits
  • Workshop is piloted with 25 finance and service desk staff in one HMV office

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  • By the end of the workshop, initial scepticism has gone.  Everyone is fully engaged and developing ideas for improving processes with G Suite
  • The workshop has also helped to change the culture of the team to become more innovative
  • Current focus is to make internal and external communications much faster and sleeker.  For example, the finance team now uses Google Forms to gather store data and automatically collate the information into spreadsheets.  Time savings are freeing store staff for customer interaction and finance staff for data analysis
  • HMV Retail held second transformation workshop for their HR and payroll department, with staff again finding new innovative ways to improve their day-to-day work with G Suite
  • Other departments are now asking for workshops and the company plans to roll out further workshops to the rest of the business.

"Most people are quite cynical about the idea of a transformation workshop and whether it can deliver any real benefit – until they actually sit in with the Ancoris team and see it done. Ancoris are fantastic at working with users to explain the possibilities, get everyone engaged and working hard."

Derek Walklate

Service Delivery Manager, HMV Retail

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