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Tutorials - How to build your modern data and analytics platform

Join James Green, Head of Data, Analytics and AI at Ancoris to inform your step by step move to modern analytics.

In this 3 part tutorial series, James shares best practice gained from over 20 years of experience building enterprise data platforms using public cloud.
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It's never been a better time to build your own modern data analytics platform

The hyper scalability of the cloud is enabling modern data warehousing and AI solutions, which are affordable and available on demand. Easy to use tools have put advanced data science technologies within the reach of every organisation, making it the ideal time to get started.

Step 1 - How to regain control of your data and remove data silos

Learn how to consolidate your data sources and apply the necessary transformations and governance to clean, conform and enrich your data, ready for consumption.

Topics covered:

  • Ingestion of batch and streaming data from disparate sources into the Google Cloud Platform
  • Storage using a serverless architecture scaling on demand
  • Transformation of raw data for consumption

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Step 2 - How to discover actionable insights and predict future ones

Your data is now ready for consumption. It is not just about learning new trends, patterns and themes hidden in your data but about predicting future outcomes. Let's unlock the potential of your data.

Topics covered:

  • Identify actionable machine learning and AI driven insights.
  • Learn using an iterative process to achieve optimal performance.
  • Predict using our proven data architecture  to deliver actionable insights 

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Step 3 - How to surface engaging insights on a self-serve basis

You have identified those KPIs which will move your business forward. Maximise your data insights with engaging visualisations, self-serve business intelligence and embedded analytics.

Topics covered:

  • Timely insights with a Looker dashboard reporting change as they happen
  • Engage business leaders with dashboards customised for them
  • Embed your analytics everywhere, including web and mobile apps

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