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Explore Google Workspace

As organisations have had to adjust to new ways of working, Google and Ancoris are running a series of webinars that will show how you can evolve to a modern hybrid work model using Google Workspace.

Session 1: Discover what’s new and cool in Google Workspace

In the first webinar, we’ll look at the new and cool features in tools such as Google Meet, Chat, Drive, and the document editors (Docs, Sheets and Slides) to ensure organisations can continue to connect with their employees, partners, and customers in the modern world.

Date: Tuesday 29 March

Time: 4:00PM (GMT)

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Session 2: Work securely with Google Workspace

The second will show how Google Workspace has industry-leading security features such as zero-trust context-aware access, and data loss prevention, to ensure that both your employees and your data are secure.                                                       

Date: Tuesday 5 April

Time: 4:30PM (GMT)

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Lush moves to Google Workspace and improves team collaboration

Lush selected Google Workspace as the office suite met their three main criterias. First, it is cloud-based to scale easily as the company grows. Second, it fosters team collaboration within the company. Thirdly, it supports a device policy which allows employees to work on any device, from anywhere, at any time.


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