5 reasons why G Suite is in Gartner leaders magic quadrant

By: Tara Clarke
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Published: Oct 09, 2018
5 reasons why G Suite is in Gartner leaders magic quadrant

Like most organisations, your business is probably juggling with an ever greater number of files: text documents, spreadsheets, images, and video and audio recordings. If your team can't find and share the right files quickly—at any time and in any place—or easily collaborate when creating new content, they'll struggle to be effective.

This is such a significant challenge for midsize and large organisations that analysts at Gartner expect that, by 2018, 50% of them will be using a digital workplace platform—like G Suite—to manage document workflows and improve collaboration. Not surprisingly, when Gartner evaluated the available content collaboration tools, it put Google in the “leaders” magic quadrant.

So what does that mean in practical terms? Here are five of the ways you can use G Suite to help your business transform how your teams work. You can:

  1. collaborate in real time. With G Suite, coworkers across the globe can create, edit and view documents together—as if they were working next to each other. Everyone is always looking at the current version of the file and there's no need to spend time compiling feedback and comments. The result? Decisions can be made more quickly and it's easier for people to brainstorm and innovate.
  2. work on the go. Half of us work away from the office at least once a week. For many of us, it's even more than that. When people are mobile, they expect their work IT systems to be mobile too. You can access G Suite from anywhere, on any device or operating system, using a simple web browser. Desktop, laptop, Chromebook, tablet, smartphone, Windows, Mac, Android or iOS—it just works.
  3. stop worrying about your budget. You don't want to hold your teams back from collaborating effectively or benefitting from digital business transformation because you're concerned about costs. G Suite offers simple, no-nonsense pricing, with an annual flat-rate charge per user. And basics like regular upgrades and critical security features are included as standard.
  4. Keep control of your data. You want to give your team the freedom to share what they need —but you don't want to put your company data at risk. G Suite lets you:
    • control access on a file-by-file level
    • easily set and enforce security policies
    • take advantage of features like Vault, Data Loss Prevention for Drive and audit capabilities

    to meet your data retention and compliance requirements and prevent dangerous data breaches.

  5. Easily make the switch without losing access to legacy content. Google Drive can open more than 40 different files types and comes with tools that will help you quickly migrate files from legacy systems. Of course, Google Cloud Premier Partners like Ancoris are also here to smooth the way. We've used our tried-and-tested process for deploying G Suite to help hundreds of customers successfully make the move and deliver cloud-based transformational change in their businesses.

Working with a Google Workspace Premier Partner

Ancoris is only one of a handful of European Google Cloud partners with the Work Transformation Enterprise specialisation.  Our deployment experts will help you make a smooth transition―for the technology and for the people using it.

A business is only as good as its people – so why not make them extraordinary? Empowering them to work better together not only unleashes their talent and creativity but makes them your competitive advantage. The modern, easy to use applications in Google Workspace make real-time collaboration a breeze. Combine Google Workspace with Chrome Enterprise and you've got the most secure and mobile workplace.

To complement our technical service delivery consultants, we have a dedicated in-house change management and user enablement team to guide you through the process.

If you’d like to find out more about how we can help you to create your digital workplace, why not take a look at some of our customer success stories or talk to our Google Workspace specialists.

 Guide to building the new digital workplace with Google Workspace

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