Digital Workplace

Digital Workplace

Drive your workplace transformation

The biggest barrier to change is often culture. The successful transformation to a digital workplace ultimately comes down to people. Businesses need a more intuitive, connected set of tools that empower people to do their best work.

Innovation requires collaboration

The workplace has become more diverse, dynamic, and distributed than ever before. Teams span multiple generations, every worker is connected, and cloud technology has accelerated the pace of innovation. Industries are being disrupted by new, more agile players, and businesses need to digitally transform to stay relevant.

If your business is like most, teams are disconnected, legacy processes can slow work down and remote employees struggle to collaborate. The result? Innovation stagnates.  Moving to integrated, collaborative, cloud-based tools like G Suite can help your organisation become a digital workplace.

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Innovate faster

Innovate faster

Real-time collaboration solutions such as G Suite help connect teams and remote workers, enabling everyone to find and share information faster. By harnessing their collective wisdom, employees are better able to create innovative solutions.

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Create a culture of collaboration

Create a culture of collaboration

Build a culture of collaboration where people achieve more together, faster. Organizations that use G Suite see their employees adopt real-time collaboration to get work done – whether that’s drawing up a contract, managing a budget, or building a presentation with an external agency. Files become collaborative workspaces where teams can work together in new ways.

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Harness the collective knowledge of your organisation

Harness the collective knowledge of your organization to achieve better outcomes. G Suite is built to make company knowledge – from content to subject matter experts – easily accessible to the right people so that all employees can better understand customer needs, build on ideas, and be more efficient in their jobs. In large organizations, ideas, content, and teams are often siloed from each other.

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Empower your staff with remote and mobile working

Empower your staff with remote and mobile working

While half of all employees now officially work away from the office at least once a week, the reality is that we’ve all become mobile workers. We need tools that let us get on with work wherever we are, using whatever device is most convenient, and help us enjoy real-time collaboration with colleagues when we’re rarely face to face. G Suite is designed with mobile first in mind. It runs in the browser, so it always provides the same tools, data access and security features on any device from anywhere.

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Unlock intelligent productivity with smart apps

The amount of time workers have to focus on their primary job duties is decreasing. People are spending 8 hours per week consolidating info and 6.5 hours per week responding to emails. Files act as a middleman, conveying broken information, through multiple versions and making you wait for feedback.

Redefine productivity with intelligent apps that help you focus on what matters. G Suite’s smart business apps unlock productivity in new ways to help people focus their time on real work, expand their skill sets, and speed up processes. Technology should be a tool, not an obstacle to getting work done.

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Upgrade to productive meeting experiences

Enable seamless real-time communications through online meetings, audio/video conferencing, and chats both inside and outside the organisation. Google Meet provides a powerful communications platform that includes text chat, voice and video conferencing, with the option to share documents and your screen in real time. You can use this for live help desk support and customer care, for online training, for all-hands meetings and announcements, or for broadcasting events.

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Organise and manage your enterprise content

Employees waste a lot of time searching.  McKinsey estimates that people spend an average of 20% of their time looking for information and that 38% of time is spent on unsuccessful searchng and re-creating content. Tools in G Suite like Cloud Search let you quickly find the information you need, whether it’s stored in the cloud or on an on-premises server. Cloud Search enables your team to organise and manage content throughout the content lifecycle, from creation to archive.

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Make the most of built-in smart tools

Google has built G Suite with innovative technologies that remove the mundane. Smart Reply and Smart Compose in Mail will help you clear your inbox more quickly. The Meet bot in Google Chat checks calendars to find the best times for meetings and then issues meeting invites. Forrester estimates these kind of tools can save workers at least 2 hours a week — or 13 full workdays a year.

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Increase employee engagement

Millennials now make up the largest segment of the workforce. Mobile is their platform of choice and they expect quick and easy access to everything they need in one place. You’ll only be able to attract and retain the best of this talent — and maintain employee engagement — by providing enterprise applications that match the expectations set in their personal lives: socially connected, collaborative, flexible and mobile-first.

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Centralise and secure your data

G Suite gives admins simpler, more streamlined ways to manage users, control devices, ensure compliance, and keep data secure from hacks and breaches. With everything in one place, IT can maintain full visibility and stay on top of time sensitive events like provisioning new employees, updates, and security patches.

Collaboration or security? Why not have both, with Google Drive?

Bring the power of the digital workplace to your organisation with industry-specific solutions

Creating a digital workplace can improve collaboration, innovation and productivity in all kinds of organisations. Here are just some of the examples of how different sectors are seeing the impact of the digital workplace in their businesses:

  1. Entertainment
  2. Housing associations
  3. Marketing, Advertising and Event Management
  4. Media and publishing
  5. Public sector
  6. Retail


  • Improve communication with front-of-house staff
  • Increase the productivity of front-of-house staff with low-cost access to IT
  • Easily and quickly provide seasonal and temporary staff with secure access to corporate systems
  • Speed up collaborative tasks such as budgeting and planning
  • Make it easier to support mobile workers and distributed workers in local venues

Housing Associations

  • Improve communication with tenants
  • Provide tenants with self-service options for reporting issues and requesting repairs
  • Reduce travel time and costs for off-site staff attending meetings
  • Speed up collaborative tasks such as budgeting and planning
  • Improve team working with team and project intranets

Marketing, Advertising and Event Management

  • Improve communication with clients
  • Speed up approval with online review of documents
  • Speed up creation of proposals and sales presentations
  • Get everyone on the same page about what’s happening in the sales pipeline
  • Make it easier for staff to attend sales meetings with video conferences
  • Broadcast events and create event micro-sites
  • Improve the effectiveness of seasonal and temporary staff with rapid provision of secure access to corporate systems

Media and publishing

  • Improve teamworking between different departments involved in the production process
  • Make it easier to support mobile workers, such as journalists, and production and sales staff in local offices
  • Improve access to information with powerful search and content management
  • Reduce the cost and complexity of M&As with tools that support collaboration across different platforms
  • Make it easier for staff to attend all-hands meetings using videoconferencing

Public sector

  • Improve communication with service users
  • Provide service users with self-service options for reporting issues and making requests
  • Deliver more with existing resources, by increasing the efficiency of mobile workers
  • Help front-line staff become more productive and effective with low-cost access to corporate IT
  • Improve team, inter-departmental and interagency working through improved communication


  • Reduce time store staff spend reporting to head office
  • Improve distribution of information to stores
  • Improve communication with suppliers
  • Grow more easily with easy-to-manage mobile IT for staff working in the field on developing new stores and territories

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