Digital transformation advice from a UK Google Cloud Premier Partner

Digital transformation advice from a UK Google Cloud Premier Partner

Our working lives are being reshaped by a new generation of connected workers – the Millennials – who no longer see "work" as a place they go to but as something that happens, anywhere and from any device. Check out our free guide to boosting productivity at work by learning from the  smartphone.

Cloud is one of the key technologies on which this new digital workplace is being built, helping to deliver a broad range of digital transformation strategies in organisations of all size and in all sectors.



In fact, the sheer number of possibilities for how your organisation could move forward can be bewildering, You can use cloud to:

  1. Foster collaboration, by letting everyone view and edit documents at the same time, and communicate more easily through social and communications tools available right from within their browser. That will help you break down department or location silos, encourage cultural change, and let you design and roll out improvements to processes.
  2. Connect the unconnected, by letting employees connect securely to corporate information and applications, either from their own smartphone or inexpensive company devices, without needing to give them an email account. By bringing all your team on board in this way, you'll not only give them faster and better access to the information they need to do their work but also create a more engaged workforce.
  3. Visualise and action your data, by presenting your own operational data on the familiar Google Maps interface. That can help you spot trends, gain insights and connect the dots to make better business decisions more quickly.
  4. Develop new digital business models, underpinned by technology that lets you communicate more easily with dispersed workers; capture data out in the field more quickly and accurately; and use secure, cost-effective devices, such as kiosk applications, to provide new or improved services to customers. From generating new revenue streams to delivering efficiency savings with a high ROI, the possibilities are only limited by your imagination.
  5. Centralise and share digital media assets, through secure cloud-based storage and retrieval that lets you access your data quickly and easily anywhere in the world, while reducing the cost of storing and archiving resource- and bandwidth-hungry data like high-definition video. Instead of worrying about infrastructure, you can focus on creating, capturing and using content to drive your business.

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