Digital transformation advice from a UK Google Cloud Premier Partner

Digital transformation advice from a UK Google Cloud Premier Partner

We've previously looked at how digital transformation is an issue for all organisations as a range of digital technologies reshapes private businesses and public services. However, the major stumbling block in many digital transformation projects is not technology but culture. Check out our free guide on how to create a culture of innovation in your  workplace.

Digitally mature organisations are more innovative and more collaborative than their competitors, as well as more willing to innovate with digital technologies and create a digital workplace. That means that organisations starting out on their journey to digital maturity need to deliver a culture shift as they mature. Yet, as a recent report on Digital Transformation from points out, you can't just issue a decree that the culture will be different: you need to visibly change the prevailing conditions in the workplace.

The report lays out a number of factors that must be addressed to achieve culture change, with several falling under the banner of how employees collaborate and take decisions together:

  1. Organisations must move away from traditional, slow, layered bureaucracy and become more agile in how they analyse and act on data.
  2. They need to work more efficiently across traditional functional boundaries to achieve common goals.
  3. They need to move towards a culture based on constant low-level evolution rather than major upheavals every few years – and learn to value occasional failure as a chance to learn to "fail better".

The other side of the coin involves creating a physical and technical environment that supports this collaborative, agile approach. This can mean redesigning office space to encourage collaborative working, perhaps following the lead of Google, one of the world's most collaborative and innovative companies: it includes a range of social spaces in its offices alongside traditional desks and meeting rooms. It also means giving employees tools that help them share, innovate and work effectively, such as collaborative office suites, videoconferencing and mobile devices that let them work when and where they need to.

To learn more about the impact of culture on digital transformation, read the full report. To get support in making culture change a reality in your organisation, come and talk to our digital transformation specialists.

How to create a culture of innovation in the workplace