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Why make your digital transformation partner a Google Cloud Partner

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Recent research from IDC has found that Google Cloud Partners are well placed to help companies like yours deliver digital transformation. Half of us are already in the late stages of our own journey to digital maturity — and the rest are on the way. So we understand the kinds of challenges and pitfalls you’ll face — and how to handle them — directly from our own experience.


The research also shows Google Cloud Partners are engaging with customers across the whole lifecycle, to help them shape and execute strategies that deliver tangible business success, not just reselling Google solutions. In fact, another piece of research from IDC demonstrates that solutions delivered by Google Cloud Partners deliver particularly strong benefits to small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs).

According to this second survey, Google Cloud SMB customers are seeing:

  • an average return on investment over three years of 222%, with projects taking just 8 months to payback
  • operating costs cut by third, as a result of reducing IT infrastructure costs by a more than 25%, increasing the efficiency of IT teams by over 40%, and helping developers become around 20% more productive
  • increased revenues, up by an average of more than 15%, thanks to greater agility, flexibility and performance

Google Cloud Partners like Ancoris are playing a key role in these successes:

  • helping customers to develop digital strategies that take account of your current skill set and culture as well as your business needs. This means technology choices, migration strategies and implementation plans flow from an understanding of all the issues you face, while we also help you to develop a “cloud mindset”.
  • supporting customers through proof-of-concept projects and pilots, demonstrating the value of cloud technology in a quantifiable way. These projects are typically carried out as part of wider initiatives where we work with customers to develop a business-based roadmap and to architect a solution framework. Moreover, having been through our own digital transformation journey, we recognise these activities are not a one-time process but must be constantly revisited as customers’ needs evolve and technology advances.
  • enabling customers to go on operating and innovating within the cloud to achieve maximum business benefit. Many customers initially approach us looking for help to make the most of stretched IT budgets through infrastructure modernisation. However, the conversation almost always quickly shifts to how we can support you to use cloud-based solutions to address business outcomes, with projects focused on data management, smart analytics, application modernisation, and productivity and collaboration.
  • developing solutions to address customer needs. That’s something we’ve done here at Ancoris, where we’ve developed solutions that address common needs. For example, CFOLab gives CFOs in any business better access to real-time information, along with the insights they need to manage their cash flow more effectively. Of course, we’ve also used our own knowledge, gained over hundreds of successful projects over the past ten years, to develop numerous custom solutions that address the needs of individual businesses like Rentokil and The Works.
  • ensuring customers achieve success over the long-term. A key step in any of our projects is to hand you over to our Customer Success Team, who will help you carry on moving forwards in your digital transformation journey.

The value that Google Cloud Partners can add to digital transformation projects is clearly shown - IDC estimates that opportunities for Google Cloud partners to help transform will triple by 2025.

The fact that Google Cloud partners are leading the way on digital transformation in their own businesses means customers can trust them to bring strong expertise to projects,” says Carolee Gearhart, Google Cloud’s Vice President of Worldwide Channel Sales. “Partners are also helping us in our focus of delivering end-to-end, best-in-class solutions by developing a thriving ecosystem around Google Cloud technologies. That includes extending Google solutions with unique solutions to meet customer needs. All of that means our partners play a critical role in helping customers across industries and around the world transform their organizations with the cloud.

If you’d like to find out more about how Google Cloud Partners like Ancoris can help you on your digital transformation journey, take a look at some of our customer success stories or come and talk to the experts in our Business Transformation team.

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