G Suite delivers collaboration at Camelot Global

Camelot Global is a growing agile enterprise with teams spread across the world. They needed to find a solution that would allow their teams to collaborate across geographical boundaries securely and become more productive. G Suite has enabled them to work more collaboratively and securely, through intuitive cloud-based tools that are accessible from any location and on any device.

G Suite delivers collaboration at Camelot Global

About Camelot Global

Camelot Global is a leading lottery operator, technology and professional services provider with a proven track record of sustainable lottery growth.  They view innovation not as a project or a team, but as a core competency instilled across their entire organisation and embedded in the way they work.

G Suite has driven a massive improvement in collaboration and communication. Being able to review and update documents in real time has saved us from repeated document reviews and version confusion allowing a significant increase in productivity.

Jonathan Root, Head of ITCamelot Global


  • ELA for MS Exchange coming to an end for the whole group of companies.
  • Looking to the cloud to accommodate fast business growth with no infrastructure and eliminate shadow IT.
  • Forward thinking organisation, looking to develop team working and collaboration.
  • The global team wanted to work in a more flexible environment, with access from anywhere, any location, any device.
  • The development team wanted integration with Slack.
Camelot Global
G Suite


  • Nearly 1000 employees using G Suite, with the ability to collaborate with global teams to provide lottery services anywhere in the world.
  • Simple licensing structure and suite of integrated applications (real-time collaboration, instant messaging and video).
  • Video conferencing in all meeting rooms using Google Meeting Solutions.
  • Flexible cloud infrastructure which gives them the flexibility they require with their lottery contracts.
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