G Suite selected by Hackney for team collaboration

The Borough was looking to implement a new office productivity suite to improve collaboration between teams and create a mobile environment. They selected G Suite to support their strategy.

G Suite selected by Hackney for team collaboration

About the London Borough of Hackney

The London Borough of Hackney is a borough with over 280,000 residents which has undergone a complete transformation over the past 15 years. The borough’s public services, transport and schools have gone from the worst in the country to amongst the best. Hackney is the creative heart of London – home to Tech City, to Hackney Central’s growing fashion district, to the artists, makers and developers of Hackney Wick, and the vibrant nightlife of Dalston.

We wanted to provide our users with modern tools that will help them work collaboratively, flexibly and with fewer barriers to getting things done. By working with Ancoris to roll out G Suite to over 3,500 users across our organisation, we are opening up a whole range of new possibilities. Teams are benefitting from seamless collaboration, easy access to their work from any location and device, and are finding that they can work in new ways that just weren’t possible with our previous technologies.

Rob Miller, Director of ICTLondon Borough of Hackney


  • On premise Microsoft Office suite with limited mobile capability
  • No real time collaboration or partner access
  • No instant messaging or online meetings
  • No social networks or team workspaces
  • The Council recognised that G Suite presented an opportunity to introduce more flexible and adaptive ways of working, which are fit for the future
Microsoft Office suite
A modern and flexible work experience


  • A modern and flexible work experience, making it easy to get work done wherever and whenever you need it – helping Hackney retain and attract their future workforce
  • Enhanced mobile access which provides a consistent user experience for a wide range of user needs across mobile and desktop devices. ‘Grab n Go’ Chrome devices provide great flexibility that is low cost and easy to manage
  • Real-time working with no more need to check documents in and out, or waiting for others to finish their edits – now Hackney’s users can just get stuff done
  • New opportunities for teams to work together using social tools such as Google+ to make it easier to share information and more natural to work together.
  • A modern and dynamic set of core tools, which bring new capabilities out on a frequent basis and have the flexibility to connect easily with a wide range of other apps too
  • Less rigid boundaries, helping to break down silos across teams and with partners
  • An emphasis on people rather than technology, using the shift from legacy ‘enterprise’ tools towards technology which offers a more intuitive ‘consumer’ user experience to make work simpler and more human.