Changing the way Dr. Martens works with G Suite



With limited IT resources, Dr. Martens had to support a growing number of staff and sites. As a cloud based product, G Suite has enabled them to solve many IT headaches supporting the 10x company growth.

Changing the way Dr. Martens works with G Suite

About Dr. Martens

Dr. Martens is an iconic British brand founded in 1960 in Northamptonshire. Originally produced for workers looking for tough, durable boots, the brand was quickly adopted by diverse youth subcultures and associated with musical movements. Dr Martens have since transcended their working class roots while still celebrating their proud heritage and, nearly six decades later, “Docs” or “DMs” are worn by people around the world who use them as a symbol of empowerment and their own individual attitude. Dr Martens currently trades in 58 countries worldwide.

I chose Ancoris as a partner and it’s made a massive difference for us. One of the advantages is that we meet at least quarterly and we’re always up to date with what’s coming next with Google

Nik Woollacott, IT Operations ManagerDr. Martens


  • In 2012, 350 users globally and growing fast
  • A disparate range of platforms: Mac, Windows, IoS and Android
  • Stretched resources with only 3 support people in IT globally
Dr. Martens
Dr. Martens and G Suite


  • Over 3200 users globally, but still low admin overhead
  • G Suite is easy for IT to install and intuitive for staff to use
  • Security and reliability built in
  • All mobile platforms are supported. Only fire up a browser and sign into it.
  • Use of Google+ stimulates comments and suggestions across the organisation, shop floor to CEO