Lush moves to G Suite and improves team collaboration

Lush selected G Suite as the office suite met their three main criteria. First, it is cloud-based to scale easily as the company grows. Second, it fosters team collaboration within the company. Thirdly, it supports a device policy which allows employees to work on any device, from anywhere, at any time.

Lush moves to G Suite and improves team collaboration

About Lush

Founded in 1994, handmade cosmetics company Lush is headquartered in Poole, England, with offices around the world. The company has ten manufacturing sites and several head office locations in Poole and London.


It is a big decision. Once you’ve made it, I think it’s critical to do your homework and find a reliable and experienced provider. Ancoris played a huge part in our positive experience. As our partner, they were a constant resource, flexible in meeting our requirements and timescales. As a result of Ancoris experience and expertise in helping businesses transition to the cloud, the whole process has been pretty painless.

IT ManagerLush


  • Failing email system required a high level of maintenance and frequent service outages caused productivity to plummet.
  • On premise infrastructure made it difficult and expensive to scale operations.
  • Files could only be accessed from Windows PCs, with no flexibility in the devices that could be used.
  • Lack of collaboration between offices and teams within the company
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Lush Dolphin Quay Office


  • Very simple and fast process to implement G Suite, the only solution that fulfilled all the company’s requirements
  • Collaboration has increased for both staff working remotely and in stores. Teams can now work together using Docs, Chats and Google Meet.
  • Use of Google Sites to publish key information to employees and Google Drive to help manage shop rotas.
  • G Suite works with all kinds of devices and this means easy access to information for everyone.
  • Single global collaboration platform with over 3,800 users in 18 countries
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