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Transformation Workshop helps get maximum value from Google Workspace

Emperor Design is a corporate and brand communications agency. Its services help clients to define who they are and what they do, communicate where they are going and how they will get there, and engage audiences in what they care about and why.
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About the project

Joe Bichard, Head of Operations at Emperor Design, realised that the company wasn’t using all that Google Workspace has to offer. Ancoris helped Joe by running a Google Transformation Workshop for staff, showing them how the features of Google Workspace could improve their productivity and efficiency.


  • Emperor initially implemented Google Workspace to provide a robust email and calendar solution.
  • Everyone had full access to Google Workspace but there was little understanding of all its features and usage was limited
  • Excess spend on tools that duplicate features that are already available in G Suite
  • Transformation Workshop was arranged for senior managers, drawn from every department and function across Emperor’s three UK offices.

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  • Staff volunteered to be trained as Google Guides who are “super users”.  Their remit is to help colleagues make the most out of all the features within Google Workspace.
  • Identified around 20 ways that Google Workspace could be used to improve operations.
  • Google Meet video calls used every other week to conduct sales meetings instead of crowding in a room.
  • Google Drive used to replace personal drives on the company’s internal server and to access documents at any time and anywhere easily
  • Google Sheets used for the sales pipeline.  There is now only one version of the truth which has full version history and which everyone can access at any time
  • Google Forms used to gather data, removing the need to collate information
  • The company is looking to make savings by identifying other tools that it will no longer require.

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