Ancoris builds exam platform on Google Cloud Platform

G Suite for Education has over 60 million users in 190 countries whilst Chrome devices are the best selling education devices in the USA.
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Ancoris built the Google Certified Educator exam platform from the ground up as a SaaS application hosted entirely on the Google Cloud Platform and available worldwide. G Suite is fast becoming the principal technology used in classrooms today. Google for Education were looking to create a free online training centre that teaches educators the best strategies for integrating Google in their classroom.



  • At the end of courses, educators have the option of taking an exam to become a Google Certified Educator. The exam mixes traditional question types with objective assessment of educators demonstrating their skills with Google’s technology.
  • Candidates carry out a series of “role play” scenarios in which they must actually do the kind of things modern educators do on a daily basis – make appropriate use of YouTube, securely share materials, schedule meetings etc.
  • Once the candidates complete the exam, the SaaS application written by Ancoris (but hosted entirely in the Google Cloud Platform) goes through each question and each exercise to determine the score achieved by the candidate.

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"Hey! This isn't an I-need-help-with-this email. I just finished doing a google educator exam (that I think you guys designed?) and I just wanted to say it was a really great experience and you have done an amazing job implementing it. I can't wait for mainstream education to catch up. Thanks so much for your fantastic work - you've made me excited for the future of education again!"

Kate, teacher

Taupaki School in New Zealand

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