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MJ Quinn makes step change in operational efficiency with Google Maps

M J Quinn is a multi-disciplined integrated service provider, with over 1,600 staff, and a vehicle fleet of 1,100 which offers their clients a 24 hour, nationwide service.

About the project

Operational efficiency is critical at MJ Quinn which handle 40,000 jobs every week from their control centre in Liverpool. Each job means getting an engineer with the right skills, equipment and parts, to the right location. The manual scheduling of each day’s work used to take a full day. By putting Google Maps at the heart of their operations, they are now able to run their daily scheduling in just a few minutes.


  • Up to three days to allocate manually around 40,000 jobs per week. Each engineer can only be given six jobs per day, with the company allocating clusters of jobs based on postcodes.
  • Control centre staff don’t have real-time tracking of jobs, engineers and vans, making it harder to anticipate issues and take preventative action.
  • Difficulties in providing precise information on job locations, so engineers waste time finding out exactly where to go.
  • Time-consuming process at the end of every week to calculate the price that engineers are paid based on distance travelled.



  • Integration of Google Maps with Dynamics CRM system using Google Maps APIs to track people and assets, calculate distances and route people to locations.
  • Scheduling reduced to minutes. Data on jobs, engineers, vans and parts from CRM Dynamics is combined with algorithms in Google Maps to find the nearest suitable engineer.
  • Engineers receive their daily schedule on their tablet through an app powered by Google Maps.  This shows them a list of jobs, their location and the best route to take. Where there are many jobs on a single site, engineers can search for the nearest open job.
  • Control room staff can see, in real time, the status of jobs and locations of vans overlaid on Google Maps. They can identify potential problems early and reallocate jobs to other engineers simply by dragging and dropping them on the map.
  • At the end of the week, Google Maps automatically determines the distance travelled to each job, so it is easy to calculate the price to be paid to the engineer.
  • The next step is for control staff to track the tablets so they can see when an engineer is away from a van. The company is also looking to provide customers with tailored maps-based views of the work being carried out on their behalf, to help them manage their contracts more easily.

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