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Radius Telematics

Radius Payment Solutions began as a fuel card company in 1990 and is now one of the world’s leading suppliers of fleet management solutions to the fleet and logistics markets

The Problem

Over the last few years, the Cheshire-based firm Radius has made a number of acquisitions including telecoms providers and suppliers of tracking and security solutions for the plant and construction sectors. 

Radius Telematics are part of the Radius group of companies and specialise in vehicle tracking, dash cams and asset tracking. Radius Telematics provides a simple-to-use tracking solution, with over 600,000 live-tracked units in 36 countries throughout Europe, Asia, North America, Australia and Africa. They offer a market-leading tracking system to suit all kinds of businesses, providing insights on live driver location, journey history, driver behaviour and more. 

Jamie Hillman, CTO: ‘’At Radius Telematics we have always relied on integrated rich location data from the Google Maps Platform. Having had an existing partner in place to support the geospatial data, we quickly realised that this partner was not providing the correct service to optimise costs associated with our usage. Also, they were not adding value to our Maps deployments as they failed to share best practice nor were they keeping us up-to-date on the product roadmap. Not pleased with the costs, let alone the substandard service, we began looking for a new partner. We met with a few resellers and faced similar problems. One reseller caused issues with our renewals, impacting our business with outages. This led us to become cautious about choosing a new partner. We had a strict timeline to stick to but it was crucial to find a partner that could help reduce costs plus provide genuine assistance with our goals and supportive services in order to get the best out of our licence.’’

The Results

‘’I came across Ancoris through the Google Partners hub for Google Maps providers. I remember having a great experience in just our initial meeting with the Ancoris team, realising the potential with Premier partners Ancoris straight away. While many previous partners showed their true interest to be financial gain, I saw that Ancoris provided a genuinely positive experience. Adding value through expert advice, sharing the latest product roadmap, providing volume pricing discounts and much more.’’

‘’Ancoris was with us every step of the way, providing calculations for potential savings, an overview of the optimised billing plan, and also ideas on how to efficiently move forward. The switch over in our Maps service had to be a smooth transition as our fleet of vehicles rely on maps. We were really pleased with Shaun Hudson and the team for the smooth transition, a new billing structure to better suit Radius and helping with a long term reduction of the costs. Shaun provided support and comfort with any concerns we had during the migration (mainly due to past experiences!) - providing a full analysis and prediction of costs and how Ancoris looked to bring in the savings to Radius Telematics.’’

‘’In the end, the results speak for themselves. We were able to achieve cost savings of more than 30% with Ancoris as our partner. We received a complete service with a genuine account manager, full solution analytics and a team that actually cares passionately about their customers.’’ 

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