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Splitcab uses Google Maps to develop minicab app

Splitcab was born out of the founding team’s experiences in delivering shared services to London’s tourist via the City Transfers UK brand. The team felt that it was high time that these services were also offered to London’s commuters and so set about creating the Splitcab Mobile app.

About the project

The rise of app-based services such as Uber and Hailo has eroded the business of traditional taxi drivers who rely on ‘cash-work’. David Machado came up with the idea of Splitcab, which allows Londoners to book both standard and shared minicabs through their smartphones. The company developed the app using Google Maps APIs.



  • Having overseen the development of the automated systems behind City Transfers UK, Davide developed a taste for bringing innovation to the minicab industry
  • His new venture, Splitcab, required an accurate mapping system that could be adapted for different platforms: iOS and Android apps for both customers and drivers, as well as a web-based version.
  • They wanted a mapping service that could support the growth of the business.  Ancoris helped Splitcab select the correct licence and get the support and information they needed.


  • They selected Google Maps as it offers a solid solution that is already widely used, is proven to work and can scale up to meet their future needs. It was also the easiest and quickest to implement.
  • The Google Maps APIs can handle a large number of the core functions of the customer and driver apps. Geocoding API pinpoints addresses and Places API pulls postcodes and addresses. Directions API identifies the best route from source to destination and determines the distance so that Splitcab can calculate prices based on mileage.
  • Customers can also see the current position of all available cabs before they book, follow the particular cab they’ve booked, and then track their progress once on board.
  • Drivers are doing less dead mileage, because the app-based service will let them find more easily another pickup close to where they dropped off their previous fare.


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