Ancoris Chromebook Access Management System for Libraries

Device management for Libraries

Ancoris Chromebook Access Management System (CAMS) for Libraries is a web application and device management console. It makes it easy and affordable for public libraries to control Chrome devices used in public sessions.

Manage your public access devices easily

Manage your public access devices easily

  • Public access to Chrome devices is limited to users who can login correctly with a current library card and PIN.
  • Integrate with most SIP2 based Library Management Systems for authentication and verification.
  • Remove dependency on local authorities IT department.
  • Available on an annual subscription service on a per device basis.
Increase user satisfaction

Increase user satisfaction

  • Availability of a large number of Chrome form factors, including touch screen to meet the needs of different groups of users.
  • Improve user experience with ease of use and fast log in.
  • Provide high level of security as all local user data is wiped from the device when the user ends the public session.
Three Chromebooks

Reduce deployment costs

  • Replace costly Windows PCs with affordable Chrome devices.
  • No need to install on-site servers or software for device or subscriber management.
  • Reduce IT overhead as devices are so simple to install, it can be done by librarians.

To purchase Chrome devices or Chrome Enterprise, contact us.

Front of HP Chromebook

Maintain your devices with no fuss

  • Automatic system updates ensure Chrome devices stay fast and up-to-date – no worries about viruses, updates and patches.
  • Carry out management remotely with just a few clicks with Chrome Enterprise.
  • Lock down machines to control what users can do and which websites they can access.

Suffolk Libraries uses Chrome devices for affordable public-access computing

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