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10 ways Google Workspace saves you time compared with Office 365

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All cloud-based productivity suites promise to make you more productive and more effective, but sometimes it can feel like the technology is just getting in the way.

4 reasons why business leaders choose Google Workspace over Microsoft 365

When you're collaborating with others, even minor delays connecting to a video call or seeing "live" changes being made by others to a shared document can becoming frustrating. Long waiting times when you're accessing your files while meeting with a client or on the phone to them can make you seem unprofessional.

Annoy people enough and they'll start wondering whether they should go back to doing things the old-fashioned way.

Now you no longer have to guess which cloud tools will save you the most time and smooth your working day. A series of comparisons from testing experts Principled Technologies shows Google Workspace beats Office 365 hands down.

According to the test results, G Suite lets you:

  1. send and receive email attachments nearly 2 x as quickly
  2. preview attachments such as documents, spreadsheets and presentations from your inbox 4x as quickly
  3. create and share a new document 2 x as quickly
  4. see "live" changes made to a shared document by someone else up to 20x as quickly
  5. access files stored in the cloud up to 4 x faster
  6. upload files to the cloud in 1/2 of the time
  7. join video calls 3 x as quickly
  8. see screens shared by others during video calls 5 x sooner
  9. create a new internal team site in 1/2 of the time
  10. open a page in an internal site to edit it 2 x as quickly

Google Workspace comes with simple pricing plans, click here to find out more about the different options available, equally contact our Google Workspace specialists to discuss which plan best suits your needs.

Contact our Deployment and Change management Specialists for Google Workspace

Edited October 2020
First published August 2017

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